Are Laptop Stands Worth It?

A few years ago I always had a strain on my neck and my laptop would always overheat, it wasn’t until I was introduced to laptop stands that all the issues drifted away. A laptop stand is an ergonomic stand that allows you to position your laptop at the best possible angles for viewing and typing. 

Whether that’s done by adjusting the height of the laptop or by tilting the laptop on an inclined plane to allow me to view and use the laptop for long periods.

A laptop stand also helps improve air circulation underneath your laptop to allow your laptop’s cooling system to disperse hot air out of your system efficiently. 

Think about it like this: if your laptop is on a basic table or desk the hot air is dispersed onto the table and that heat builds up on the table and only creates more heat for your laptop. A stand would elevate your laptop and would cause that heat to dissipate without hindrance or addition. 

Do laptop stands help improve posture

Do Laptop Stands Help Improve Posture?

A laptop stand’s ergonomic design helps you view, type and play games at the best possible angles. This allows you to make the most of your stand and get the best use out of your laptop.

Also, a laptop stand can help improve your posture and can help to reduce the amount of pain you experience when sitting for long periods.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Laptop Stand?

A laptop stand will always provide you with the most comfortable viewing and use angles. It reduces the physical strain on your neck, back, and shoulders. It helps us improve our productivity and it’s also a very helpful device for improving the airflow and circulation underneath our laptops thus making them cooler.

Does a cooling pad take up a lot of space

Does A Cooling  Pad Take Up A Lot Of Space

All laptop stands are usually tailored to the size of our laptops so they only take up as much space as our laptops would ordinarily take. Also, some stands come with a nice mesh to help organize your things underneath your laptop thus decluttering your workspace and making it nice and tidy.

Is A Laptop Stand A Cooling Pad?

Generally no. However, some laptop cooling pads encompass a stand with a built-in fan to improve its heat dissipation by creating an improved airflow underneath the laptop. 

A laptop stand is generally used to help lift up your laptop to meet your required body position or height, while laptop cooling pads help in keeping your laptop from overheating.

If you are thinking of getting a laptop stand, I’ll recommend you get a laptop stand that has a cooling pad system built-in. At least, it will be able to serve two purposes. 


A laptop stand is a very good piece of tech and it’s not expensive at all; you can get it anywhere from $5 to $20. It helps improve your posture and it keeps your laptop cool. So, all in all, it’s something you should definitely buy for your workspace.

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