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Is Intel Core I3 10th Gen Good For Gaming?

A computer’s central processing unit (CPU), also known as its processor, is a brain-like unit that calculates and interprets instructions of every program that...


Is The Samsung Galaxy S21 Smartphone Waterproof?

Smartphone water resistance is a feature that is becoming increasingly popular in newer models of phones. Many phones now have some level of water...

Samsung Galaxy S21 And The S21 Plus: What’s The Difference?

So the New Samsung S21 series of phones just launched. This is Samsung's flagship smartphone design, and they have really flexed their creative muscles...
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5 Best Amazfit Smartwatches: Are These Watches Worth It?

There are a lot of different smartwatches on the market these days, and finding the best smartwatch to buy can sometimes be pretty tricky.However,...


Is the Dell Inspiron laptop good for gaming_

Is The Dell Inspiron Laptop Good For Gaming?

Dell laptops are popularly known for their production of a wide selection of laptops that cut across every budget range. Despite their affordability, Dell laptops are produced with high-quality materials, making...
Is an 8GB RAM laptop good for gaming_

Is An 8GB RAM Laptop Good For Gaming?

Random Access Memory (RAM) is a vital component in every laptop. This is because it serves as a means of storage for applications that your laptop actively uses. Data stored on...
Is the Apple Macbook Pro good for gaming_

Is The Apple Macbook Pro Good For Gaming?

Apple has a variety of laptops, often referred to as Macbooks, but the most common models are the Macbook Pro and Macbook Air. The Macbook Pro has three different models in...