Can You Use A Wacom Tablet Without A Pen?

The question of whether or not you can use a Wacom tablet without a pen is one that is often asked. However, one thing to keep in mind is that Wacom is a company that specialises in pen-drawing tablets. This is a market that Wacom has segmented for itself, and it’s one that they are known for.

There may be many competitors in the market, but there are not like Wacom, and they have a strong dominance over the market for pen drawing tablets. However, there is one thing that I have emphasised, and that is the fact that Wacom produces pen drawing tablets and not regular tablets that can be used without a pen.

In this article, I’ll be answering the question, “Can you use a Wacom tablet without a pen?” And discussing Wacom tablet’s compatibility.

Can You use a Wacom Tablet without a Pen_

Can You use a Wacom Tablet without a Pen?

You cannot use a Wacom tablet without a pen because most of them lack touch controls. This means that they can only be used with a stylus pen and not without one. These devices are designed to work exclusively with a pen.

Pen tablets like the One by Wacom and the Wacom Intous pen drawing tablets don’t work without having a pen to draw with. However, some pen tablets, like the Wacom One or the Wacom Cintiq Pro 27, which have some form of touch control, can work without a pen. However, this is because they are display tablets, which allow you to see what you are drawing on the tablet instead of seeing it solely on your laptop and or PC.

However, most of these pen tablets can be used to draw without having a pen present. While some will allow you to use your fingers to draw, the process is tedious and very rough, and you should always use a pen when you want to draw with a pen tablet.

However, if you are looking for a tablet that you can use without a pen, then here’s a list of five tablets that you can use without a pen and work well without it.

Can You Use Any Pen With A Wacom Tablet

 Can You Use Any Pen With A Wacom Tablet?

Generally, you cannot use any pen with Wacom tablets, as their tablets are not compatible with other pen brands. However, the Wacom One is an exception as it is compatible with some other pens aside from the pen that comes with it in the box.

What Pens Can I Use With Wacom One?

The Wacom One is only compatible with the following pens: Hi-uni DIGITAL for Wacom, STAEDTLER, Noris digital, STAEDTLER Noris digital jumbo, LAMY, AL-star black EMR, Mitsubishi Pencil 9800 Digitizer pen for raytrektab, 9800 Pencil, Raytrektab, DG-D08IWP, and Samsung, Galaxy Note and Tab S Pen. 

At the time of writing this article, those are the only compatible pens that you can use with the Wacom One. So if you have any other Wacom tablet, you are likely to be limited to the pens that came with it.

What Pens Can I Use With One By Wacom?

One by Wacom is not compatible with other brands of pens. The only pen that can be used with this device is the Wacom Pen that is included with the device. If you want a Wacom tablet that is compatible with other brands of pens, you’ll need to purchase a Wacom One tablet.

Note: One by Wacom and Wacom One are two different devices.


You may be able to use some Wacom tablets without a pen; however, the uses are likely to be limited. Also, if you don’t use a pen, you probably won’t be able to do much drawing. So, it’s generally best to use a pen with your Wacom device if you want to get the most out of it.

If you’re looking for a tablet that doesn’t require a pen to get work done, there are plenty of multi-purpose tablet options on the market that you can choose from. 

I hope you found this article helpful. Feel free to leave your comments below. Thanks!

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