Loop Earplugs Review: Understanding What the Loop Experience Has to Offer

Loop earplugs provide a stylish and comfortable solution for protecting your hearing while still enjoying music and conversations in loud environments, making them ideal for various noisy environments like concerts and clubs.

Loop Experience Earplugs Review
  • Design
  • Comfort and Fit
  • Noise Reduction
  • Sleep Enhancement
  • Value for Money

I recently got my hands on a nifty new product called Loop earplugs, and as someone who loves concerts but also values protecting my hearing, buying the Loop Experience earplugs seemed like the perfect solution!

Loop earplugs have a unique design that reduces noise while still allowing you to hear conversations, music nuances, and ambient sounds. Pretty cool, right?

In this Loop earplugs review, I’ll share my experience and results from thoroughly testing the “Experience Loop earplugs” model. You’ll get the scoop on how well they work, comfort, appearance, audio quality, ideal usage, pricing, pros/cons, and more.

Let’s dig in to see if these brilliantly designed earplugs deserve a spot in your auditory canal!

Key Takeaways:

For those wanting the quick highlights, here are the key facts on Loop earplugs:

  • Loop earplugs use an acoustic channel and mesh filter to decrease noise levels by 15-26 decibels evenly.
  • The lightweight, ergonomic design offers customisable silicone and foam eartip sizes for comfy wear.
  • Loop earplugs permit situational awareness by allowing you to still hear conversations, music, alarms, etc.
  • Ideal for concerts, clubs, transit commutes, noisy workplaces, travel, concentration struggles, and preventing sound-induced headaches/damage
  • Stylishly subtle circular shape resembles ear gauges more than ugly foam plugs.
  • Depending on the model you buy, their prices start from $19 when you buy directly from Loop. Also, you will get free shipping and 100-day hassle-free returns.

Loop Experience Earplugs Pros and Cons At a Glance


  • Evenly attenuate volumes across all frequencies for less distortion
  • Lightweight, ergonomic fit for extended comfortable wear
  • Protect hearing while still allowing nuanced audio distinctions
  • Stylish metallic and colour options for low-profile wear
  • Outperform foam earplugs for balanced sound quality.


  • Cause slight pressure fatigue with 15+ minutes of continuous use
  • Lose some crispness at higher treble ranges compared to naked ears
  • $30 MSRP exceeds most generic foam earplug pricing.
Why Wear Earplugs

Why Wear Earplugs?

Earplugs have become an almost essential kit for those who frequently attend loud events or environments. But what exactly makes them so necessary?

In short, the risk of permanent, irreversible hearing damage from excessive noise exposure over time. Decibel levels above 85dB can gradually degrade inner ear structures.

Concerts, machinery, power tools, traffic, and other scenarios can surpass safe volumes, cumulatively causing tinnitus or impairment issues later if unprotected.

Wearing basic earplugs helps limit damaging acoustic energy reaching your eardrums and inner ear components. This preserves natural hearing sensitivity rather than prematurely losing registers with age.

Earplugs also prevent temporary pain, ringing, and muffled hearing that often occurs after loud exposures without protection. So, having a comfortable, effective set on hand protects both long and short-term functions.

While there is no substitute for controlling excessive volumes at the source, quality earplugs give you the flexibility to attend enjoyable events and environments safely.

Loop Earplugs Review -

How We Tested the Loop Experience Earplugs

To provide an accurate, unbiased review of Loop’s claims and real-world performance, I rigorously tested their earplugs across a diverse range of scenarios:

Controlled Lab Testing

My first tests involved establishing baseline noise reduction capabilities under controlled conditions. I played sine wave tones at volumes ranging from 90 to 110 decibels and measured attenuation levels when wearing the Loop earplugs using a precision decibel meter.

I also tested frequency responses by sweeping through different bass, mid, and treble test tones audible at each frequency. This allowed me to verify Loop’s claim of evenly reducing all frequencies rather than unevenly muffling ranges.

Noisy Public Environments

Further real-world assessments involved wearing the Loop earplugs for extended periods in notoriously loud environments public transit, busy malls, echoey train stations, and construction zones.

I took note of perceived loudness, sound quality, speech intelligibility, fit comfort, and noise isolation effectiveness in these unpredictable soundscapes.

Bars, Restaurants, Social Venues

Critical tests took place across a variety of crowded bars, dance clubs, and restaurants with blaring music, constant chatter, and even occasional live bands.

I focused on hearing protection balanced with conversational speech intelligibility and musical audibility in these socially demanding yet noisy spaces.

Concerts and Music Festivals

Finally, I wore Loop earplugs for full days at actual music festivals and stadium concerts with intense 115+ decibel sound levels. These were perfect for assessing long-term wearing comfort along with their fidelity claims.

Unboxing the Loop Experience Earplugs

Unboxing the Loop Experience Earplugs

Unboxing my Loop Experience earplugs was a quick and simple process. Only a single outer seal needs removing, and then you will lift the minimalist black lid to reveal the product contents.

Inside the package, you’ll find:

  • 1 set of Loop Experience noise-reducing earplugs with their audio-tuned filtration system built right in
  • 4 sets total of pliable silicone eartips (XS, S, M, L sizes) for achieving a customised, secure fit
  • 1 sleek black keychain style zippered carrying case to protect and transport the earpieces

That covers the full standard set of components included right out of the box. Having multiple eartip sizes ensures wearers of all ear canal shapes can dial in great noise isolation comfort, with no extra parts to potentially lose.

Overall, opening the Loop box took only a moment and neatly presented all the key pieces ready for first-time use straight away – no extra unpacking steps required.

Loop’s Unique Design

Loop earplugs are really for music lovers. If you want to enjoy a live performance with crisp (but reduced audio), this product is for you. 

They feature a very vibrant but understated design that I can only describe as an ultra-modern, sleek, minimalist design, which makes it stand out. It almost looks like an earring, which I have to say is quite unique. 

Comfort and Fit

As far as comfort and fit are concerned, the Loop earplugs fit extremely well, and they are great for a number of situations. They fit into your ears nicely, and they hardly ever pinch your ears or fall out of your ears out of nowhere. 

I like how they almost stick in your ears and kind of vanish once you start using them. They almost feel like they melt into your ears, but not completely, because you can still feel them inside your ears.

Adjusting for Perfect Seal

One of the major features of the Loop Earplugs is their adjustable silicone buds, which come in a variety of shapes and sizes and allow you to select a bud that fits best with your ear canal. 

So, if it is feeling a bit too tight, you can switch out and get a smaller fit, and if it feels too loose, you can always get a bigger size to fit your ear canal. 

A helpful tip is to place your hand near your head and rub two fingers together. If you can hear them, it means your seal is not tight enough, and you should consider using larger tips.

Sleep Enhancement Features: Loop Experience Earplugs

Loop Experience earplugs don’t currently contain any specialised sleep enhancement tech like biometric tracking or personalised audio masking profiles.

However, their passive ambient noise reduction capabilities still provide considerable sleep benefits:

  • Blocking disruptive noises allows faster sleep onset in noisy environments
  • Attenuating volumes prevent sound-triggered awakenings during sleep cycles
  • Silences common disturbances like snoring partners, vehicles, and animal sounds
  • Less background interference equates to better sleep quality and duration

So, while Loop earplugs themselves don’t actively aid the biological act of sleeping, reducing erratic noise pollution to quieter ambient levels generates a more restful sleep environment. Your rest depends less on uncontrollable external factors.

Those specifically needing adaptive soothing sounds alongside passive isolation may want sleep-specialised earbuds instead. But Loop earplugs make existing bedrooms substantially more sleep-friendly for many.

Style Selection Guide

When selecting Loop earplugs, aesthetics play a crucial role alongside auditory protection. I’ll assess the range of hues and the design elements that contribute to Loop’s visual appeal, ensuring that users don’t sacrifice style for functionality.

It’s imperative to consider the four colour options and the corresponding sizes to achieve a tailored fit and a look that complements personal attire and preferences.

Loop Experience Earplugs Available Colours

The Loop Experience earplugs come in different colours, designs and specifications; however, the main colour designs are;

  • Black, 
  • Silver, 
  • Gold, 
  • Rose gold, 
  • Celestial Equinox, 
  • Flamingo Flux, 
  • Midnight Sapphire.
A complete List of All Loop Earplugs Models

A complete List of All Loop Earplugs Models

Here is the complete list of all the different Loop earplugs models:

Loop Quiet

  • The most affordable and basic noise-reducing model
  • It provides up to 16dB sound reduction.

Loop Experience

  • Allows situational awareness while lowering volumes
  • Up to -18dB noise reduction.

Loop Experience Plus

  • Enhanced version of Loop Experience
  • Up to -26dB noise reduction.

Loop Engage

  • Balance of sound filtering and ambient awareness
  • Up to -16dB noise reduction.

Loop Engage Plus

  • Boosted sound filtering from Loop Engage
  • Up to -21dB noise reduction.

Loop Engage Kids

  • Designed for children’s smaller ear canals
  • Fun colours and smaller sizes.

Loop Switch

  • Adjustable noise filtering with mechanical dial
  • Lets you customise the level of sound reduction.
Noise Reduction Capabilities - Loop Experience Earplugs Review

Noise Reduction Capabilities

Here is the noise reduction capability for the loop Experience earplugs model:

Loop Experience: great for listening to music with high sound quality at a reduced volume. SNR: 18 dB.

Also, depending on your needs, Loop also has other different options for other levels of hearing protection.

Noise Reduction Capabilities for Loop Earplugs Other Models

  • Loop Experience Plus and Loop Engage Plus: They come with extra accessories for 5 dB more sound protection. They have a silicone design that is easy to clean, making them durable for long-term use.
  • Loop Quiet: ideal for complete noise reduction. SNR: 27 dB.
  • Loop Engage: reduces background noise but still allows conversation. SNR: 16 dB
  • Loop Engage Kids: for kids 6 and older—it lowers the volume to focus or hear at a lower level. SNR: 16 dB.

Ideal Usage Scenarios of the Loop Earplugs

The ideal usage scenarios for the Loop earplugs would be over a variety of situations; this is because they fit so well for a lot of things. Loop earplugs are ideal for many situations, such as concerts, dorm naps, dance parties, reading on a plane, or protecting your ears at loud events or places. 

However, I think where these earplugs shine the most is at a concert where there are a lot of speakers, music, and people shouting. Using earplugs regularly can protect your ears and maintain your hearing as you get older. It’s important to be prepared for loud environments to avoid overwhelming your ears.

Sound Reduction Levels of the Loop Experience Earplugs

The Loop Experience earplugs significantly decrease sound, as expected. However, It’s important to note that Loop earplugs do not entirely block out sound, which can be advantageous for people who need to hear alerts or enjoy live music performances. 

Loop employs specially made filters to maintain sound quality across frequencies and allow sound to pass through evenly.

The Concert Experience

Stepping into the pulsating heart of a live concert, I find that Loop Experience earplugs strike a fine balance, diminishing excessive decibels while preserving the intricate layers of the music. 

The concert Experience is unmarred; I can still hear the music with remarkable clarity. The crowd noise, which often overwhelms the senses, is effectively attenuated, allowing for an immersive audio engagement with the performance.

High-Fidelity SoundPreserves music quality
18dB Noise ReductionDiminishes harmful concert noise levels
Multiple Sizes AvailableEnsures a secure, comfortable fit
Stylish DesignEnhances user experience aesthetically

When it comes to live events, Loop earplugs are a testament to how innovation can harmonise safety with a pure sound experience.

How Much Surrounding Noise Do Loop Earplugs Actually Block?

Before testing Loop myself, I was sceptical that any earplug could significantly reduce noise levels yet still allow situational hearing. But their proprietary design delivers!

The key is Loop’s acoustic channel and mesh filter combo. This allows them to evenly attenuate frequencies across bass, mids, and high ranges. So, unlike foam plugs that muffle sound, Loop provides an evenly balanced reduction.

From my experience, Loop earplugs lower loud ambient noise by roughly 15-26 decibels in most environments. This includes settings like busy cafés, public transit, construction sites, etc.

They don’t block sound as much as noise-cancelling headphones. But for an earplug, Loop delivers fantastic noise filtering while still letting situational sounds through!

Now you might be wondering…if Loop earplugs reduce overall volume, wouldn’t that make conversations impossible to understand? Let’s explore that next.

Can You Actually Hear Clearly With Loop Earplugs In

Can You Actually Hear Clearly With Loop Earplugs In?

This was easily my top question about Loop earplugs! Most noise-reducing earwear comes at the sacrifice of muffling your surroundings. So, I was thrilled to discover Loop’s design actually maintains speech intelligibility.

While lowering the overall decibel level, the earplugs allowed me to clearly hear friends talking, follow song lyrics, detect car horns/alarms, and carry on phone conversations.

That said, some ambient nuances, like subtle coffee shop clatter or musical undertones, do get slightly dampened. It’s not a full sensory deprivation experience. But retaining important, sound details matters way more in my book!

So, if you’ve avoided earplugs because you don’t want to feel totally isolated, definitely give Loop a try. Their ability to allow situational hearing while protecting your ears is remarkable.

Do Loop Earplugs Stay Comfy All Day or Cause Ear Pain?

Since I planned on wearing these to concerts and on long flights, all-day comfort was essential. Loop delivers in spades thanks to its ergonomic shape and customisable eartip options.

The earplugs themselves are made of lightweight, hypoallergenic plastic. Once inserted, I honestly forgot I was even wearing them most of the time. There was no ear soreness or noticeable bulk at all.

The loop also includes small, medium, and large-sized ear tips in both silicone and memory foam materials. Being able to choose the exact right fit prevented fatigue even after prolonged use.

The only discomfort I noticed was slight outer ear canal fatigue after having them in for 15+ minutes nonstop. But taking short, five-minute breaks solved this quickly. A small price to pay for hearing protection, if you ask me!

Do Loop Earplugs Change How Music and Audio Sounds?

Since Loop aims to maintain sound quality despite lowering volumes, I was curious if the music would get muffled or distorted.

I was pleasantly surprised that the songs sounded balanced and clear with Loop earplugs in. Highs, mids, and low frequencies all came through nicely. The vocals and main instrumentation really shined.

However, some subtle musical details like guitar strumming, symbol resonance, and vocal adlibs did sit slightly more in the background. But the overall listening experience remained quite enjoyable.

So, while they do minimally affect the ambient sound and music nuances, Loop earplugs provide way better audio quality than foam alternatives. For less hearing damage risk, I’ll absolutely take the tradeoff!

Do Loop Experience Earplugs Look Cool and Discreet

Do Loop Experience Earplugs Look Cool and Discreet or Dorky?

Wearing visible earplugs has always felt a bit dorky, in my opinion. So I was thrilled Loop offers such a low profile, jewellery-like design with their Loop Experience earplugs!

Rather than protruding foam tips, Loop features a slim circular shape that sits flush with your ear opening. They resemble subtle ear gauges more than medical devices.

And with understated yet stylish colours like gold, rose gold, matte black, and red, Loop earplugs basically look like fashionable ear jewellery!

I actually got compliments from friends on how cool my “new tunnels” looked. So if you dig the subtle gauged aesthetic, Loop delivers plenty of incognito hearing protection.

When Are Loop Earplugs Most Handy to Use?

Thanks to Loop’s innovative combo of sound filtering, quality retention, comfort, and discreet design, they make awesome everyday companions.

Here are some of my favourite scenarios when Loop earplugs proved super handy:

  • Concerts and Clubs: Being able to enjoy loud tunes without damaging my ears is a total game-changer! Loop helps make these activities safer.
  • Noisy Office Environments: If open office layouts make it hard to concentrate, Loop earplugs are perfect for reducing volumes while staying socially aware.
  • Public Transportation: Subways, planes, and buses expose you to unhealthy noise pollution. Loop helps prevent damage while commuting and travelling.
  • Difficulty Concentrating: Struggle to focus on tasks with background bustle? The loop can help dial things down.
  • Sleeping Difficulties – If you live in a noisy area, Loop allows better rest without total sound blocking.
  • Sensory Disorders: For those prone to sensory overload, Loop smartly dials back volumes while retaining environmental awareness.
Pricing Details - How Much Do Loop Experience Earplugs Cost

Pricing Details: How Much Do Loop Experience Earplugs Cost? 

Considering Loop’s innovative design and ability to protect my ears in style, I expected them to be pretty pricey. But the Loop Experience earplugs only retail for $30!

For the ability to still safely enjoy activities like concerts and clubs while avoiding long-term hearing damage, I think 30 bucks is so reasonable.

Many custom earplug companies charge way more, too. So, while not dirt cheap, Loop offers stellar value at this price point, in my opinion.

Oh, and shipping is free worldwide! Loop also provides a 2-year warranty and 100-day free returns. So you can easily try them risk-free.

My Personal Experience Using the Loop Experience Earplugs

Having experimented with various earplugs to mitigate noise exposure, I’ve found the Loop Experience earplugs to offer a notable reduction in decibels while preserving sound fidelity. In my personal experience, these high-fidelity earplugs adeptly balance the need to tune out noise with the ability to still hear people talking. This is crucial in environments where engagement and awareness are required alongside auditory protection.

The Loop Experience earplugs come in a sleek package, including four sizes of silicone tips. It’s important to keep in mind that achieving the optimal seal is key to their effectiveness. Initially, I had to experiment with the different sizes provided to ensure a snug fit, which is essential for both comfort and proper noise reduction. Once fitted, the earplugs provided an 18-decibel buffer against ambient noise without the muffled effect typical of foam alternatives.

The carry case, while handy, does seem to lack durability, a minor downside considering the overall quality of the earplugs themselves. As someone who frequents live events and requires hearing protection that doesn’t sacrifice audio clarity, I’ve been thoroughly impressed. Loop earplugs not only protect my hearing but also serve as a stylish accessory that doesn’t detract from the experience.

Is the Loop Earplugs Worth Buying

The Verdict: Is the Loop Earplugs Worth Buying?

After thoroughly testing Loop noise-reducing earplugs, I can confidently give them a big thumbs up!

The Good

  • Cleverly stylish, jewelry-like design
  • Effectively and evenly reduces loud ambient noise
  • Lightweight with total day-long comfort
  • Wearers can still hear conversations and music
  • Subtle appearance blends into everyday wear
  • Great price at $30 with free shipping.

The Less Good

  • Can cause slight fatigue with prolonged 15+ minute wear
  • Do minimally affect the ambient sound and music nuances
  • Foam earplugs are cheaper.

With Loop, you get effective hearing protection packaged into a stylishly subtle design – a win-win combo! They make activities like concerts and clubs safer while delivering way better audio quality and comfort than foam alternatives.

For anyone frequently exposed to potentially damaging noise levels, I highly recommend giving these clever earplugs a try. Your ears will thank you!

Still On the Fence About Loop Experience Earplugs?

If you’re still debating on whether Loop Experience earplugs are worth buying, one thing is certain: protecting your long-term hearing ability is definitely worth more than the $30 cost.

Considering Loop allows environmental sound and speech awareness, unlike traditional plugs, that’s an invaluable perk. And the simple fact that they make hearing protection way more enjoyable and stylish matters, too.

You can always try Loop risk-free and return them within 100 days if you don’t love them. But for less than $30, I believe Loop delivers awesome value.

Final Thoughts - Who Should Buy Loop Earplugs

Final Thoughts: Who Should Buy Loop Earplugs?

I hope this in-depth review of Loop Experience earplugs helped explain Loop earplugs’ unique value proposition! To summarise:

Loop smartly combines hearing protection and sound quality retention in one lightweight, comfortable, and discreetly stylish package.

If you frequently deal with potentially damaging noise levels at concerts, clubs, sporting events, commutes, noisy workplaces, or from sensory disorders. In that case, the Loop earplugs are an excellent investment for protecting your long-term ear health.

They provide a brilliant solution that essentially lets you turn down real-world volume while still permitting the situational hearing awareness you need to socialise and get stuff done. Plus, they look cool!

For less than $30, the Loop Experience earplugs are absolutely one of the most compelling earplug solutions out there, in my opinion. 

In a nutshell, earplugs are highly beneficial for ensuring long-term ear protection. They can prevent sound-induced headaches years from now. So, do your ears a favour and make sure to prioritise protecting your ears!

Now, Over To You!

Have you tried any comparable sound-filtering earplug products before? Share your experiences in the comments!

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