Can Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Replace A Laptop?

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 may not be able to fully replace a laptop owing to its limitations like the Android operating system, screen extension, and the requirement of a platform to type. Nevertheless, it can serve as an appropriate tablet device for people seeking a portable, hybrid gadget that can tackle various tasks.

Ultimately, the decision of whether the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 can replace a laptop depends on the user’s individual needs and preferences.

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What makes the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 laptop-like

What makes the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 laptop-like?

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 comes with a lot of features that make it exhibit functions that are more of a tablet than a laptop. The bezels of the Galaxy Tab S8 are well-defined, black, and glossy. Laptops also come with bezels that are covered with plastic (for non-touchscreen laptops) and are left bare (for touchscreen laptops).

The one feature that enables the Galaxy Tab S8 to function like a laptop is the Wireless Samsung DeX mode. Without the Samsung DeX mode enabled on the tablet, the Galaxy Tab S8 remains just a tablet. The tablet does not have a keyboard like a laptop because it runs on Android and was built to function as an Android device.

The Samsung DeX mode will only work when the tablet is attached to a detachable keyboard built into the tablet’s protective case. The front of the protective case is a foldable cover that doubles as a cover for the keyboard when detached from the tablet.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8’s DeX mode gives you an interface like Chromebook’s, yet functions within the jurisdiction of an Android device. 

To manually activate the Samsung DeX mode on your Tab S8.”

  • Unlock your Galaxy Tab S8 from the Home Screen.
  • Swipe down twice on the status bar to reveal the Quick Settings panel.
  • Tap the DeX button.

To activate the Samsung DeX mode automatically on your Galaxy Tab S8:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Scroll down and tap Advanced features in the left sidebar.
  • Tap Samsung DeX on the right side.
  • Enable Auto Start when the Book Cover Keyboard is connected. 
  • Enable Auto Start when HDMI is connected. 
  • Exit the Settings app.

To use the Samsung DeX mode wirelessly with Samsung TVs or Miracast-compatible smart TVs:

  • Unlock your Galaxy Tab S8 from the Home Screen. 
  • Swipe down twice on the status bar to reveal the Quick Settings panel.
  • Tap the DeX button.
  • With DeX enabled, open the Settings app.
Why is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 good for work on the go

Why is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 good for work on the go?

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 is efficient for working on the go at home or while travelling. It is efficient for working on the go for the following reasons:

  • A bigger display to show your products and ideas: The 11.0-inch AMOLED display guarantees you great contrast and colour quality. The more the quality of the display, the more confidence you will have in conveying your ideas.
  • Maximize productivity with customizable Multi-Window layouts: The Android 12 OS of the Galaxy Tab S8 gives you the chance to multitask to enhance your productivity. You can open multiple windows and apps at the same time on the screen and work on them simultaneously. 
  • Processor power to handle the most demanding business applications: With the upgraded Qualcomm SM8450 Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 (4 nm), the speed of execution of tasks has been made more precise and prompt. For androids, Qualcomm serves the best.
  • PC-like productivity experience with Samsung DeX: With the Samsung DeX mode, you get to enjoy a first-hand laptop experience with the Tab S8.
  • Digital note-taking and drawing: Taking notes and making sketches or proper drawings have been made easier with the addition of the S Pen. This eliminates the paper process and gives neat storage.
  • Speedy connectivity: This hybrid Android model provides you with Wi-Fi 6E that is reliable for a great mobile experience. 
  • Keyboard usability: The protective cover of the tab S8 comes with a keyboard built into it. With this keyboard, you can work on your tablet like a PC.
  • A camera to enhance video calls: The positioning of the cameras on the Tab S8 gives convenience during video calls, especially as its front camera is centralized. 
  • Agile controls eliminate any awkward fumbling with your tablet: The Galaxy Tab S8 has a One-Hand mode, which, when activated, allows you to use one hand to operate your tab with one hand while you are left with one free hand.
  • Share content seamlessly: You can now share content across your Samsung Galaxy devices by synchronizing all; you don’t have to connect and disconnect every other time.
Can Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8 replace laptop

Can the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 replace a laptop?

Having the Galaxy Tab S8 replace a laptop sounds like a cool expectation, but no, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 cannot replace a laptop. It is built to be a hybrid (tablet and laptop) but cannot replace a laptop. 

A few reasons the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 cannot replace a laptop include:

  • Operating System: Tablets and smartphones are built to run on either Android OS or iOS. The Samsung DeX mode only changes the interface to look like a laptop’s but still functions as an Android device. For instance, the Chrome browser cannot download and install extensions on the browser like laptops would. Laptops run on either Windows or iOS operating systems.
  • Screen Extension: Laptops can be connected to monitors or desktops using an HDMI cable. Almost every laptop has an HDMI port to aid connection to a desktop or monitor to extend or switch screens. The Galaxy Tab S8 has a USB Type-C port and comes with a USB-C to USB-C cable that rarely can be used to connect it to a laptop, as some laptops do not have USB-C ports.
  • Installing Extensions for Apps: On laptops, extensions for apps are not installed as separate apps but as attached files that are only functional for the app it is installed on, whereas, for the Galaxy Tab S8, extensions come in as separate apps instead of attached files.
  • Processors: The processor of the Galaxy Tab S8 is great and has amazing speed but can only be used for Android applications that, compared to laptop apps, are lighter. The laptop processors work perfectly for laptop apps/software. Apps like Call of Duty (Modern Warfare) cannot run as effectively on the Tab S8 as they would on a laptop. Gaming companies build mobile versions that can run on tablets and smartphones but have a lot of qualities incomparable to a laptop’s version because of the difference in the processors of both gadgets. 
  • Stability during usage: Despite the protective cover of the Galaxy Tab S8, the stability of the tablet when used on your lap is questionable. It keeps shaking as you work with it on your laps. Only tabletops guarantee stability for the Tab S8, whereas laptops are built with rubber parts that are installed at the bottom for grip and balance on your laps and on table tops. For instance, you can place your laptop on an inclined surface, say 15º, and be assured that it won’t glide off the surface.
  • Multiple ports: Smartphones and tablets are built with single ports (which sometimes serve more than the charging function. In most cases, the second port is the audio jack. Laptops are built with numerous ports such as Ethernet ports, HDMI ports, USB ports, and a host of others to enable multiple ways of connecting.


In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 is a hybrid device that can function as both a tablet and a laptop. While it exhibits the features of a laptop, it can not completely replace a laptop due to limitations such as the Android OS, screen extension, and the need for a platform to place the tablet on for typing. Still, it is a suitable device for you if you need a portable, hybrid device that can handle a wide range of tasks.

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