How To Protect Your Apple iPhone 13 Camera

Alongside the iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max, the Apple iPhone 13 is one of the phones in the iPhone 13 series that was released in September 2021. 

All the phones in this series come with the latest Apple A15 Bionic chip, which has an improved image signal processor that produces even clearer images. The iPhone 13 comes in two sizes which are 5.4 and 6.1 inches and has colour variants like starlight, midnight, blue, pink and (product) red.

This article is focused on explaining protective measures that you can take to keep your iPhone 13 camera from dust, or minor scratches, which could, in turn, reduce the clarity of images taken on your iPhone.

Overview of the Apple iPhone 13

The design of the iPhone 13 has similarities to that of the iPhone 12, with both having a 6.1-inch OLED Super Retina XDR display with HDR, True Tone, P3 wide colour, and ‌Haptic Touch.

Some of the best features of the iPhone 13 include the latest version of the operating system – iOS 15, 3240mAh battery, Apple A15 Bionic chip, photographic style, brighter display, cinematic mode, Smart HDR 4, Sensor-Shift Stabilization, base storage of 128GB that can hold several apps, 5G connectivity, as well as IP68 water resistant rating that can resist splashes, dust, dirt, and accidental water exposure.

Amongst all the cool features that your iPhone 13 comes packed with, your iPhone 13’s camera is undoubtedly one of its best features and, as such, protects it from scratches, dust, dirt, or any element that can affect the picture clarity of your phone is necessary to maintain the camera quality.

How to protect your Apple iPhone 13 camera

How To Protect Your iPhone 13 Camera?

Protecting your iPhone 13 camera from dust, dirt, and scratches are made possible through the use of protective cases/covers, a phone pouch, or a camera lens protector. 

Instead of the traditionally vertical alignment of the camera of previous iPhones, the iPhone 13 presents diagonally-aligned rear cameras. The first lens has a 12MP wide lens (aperture of f/1.6), while the 12MP ultrawide lens features an aperture of f/2.4.

  • Protective cases, especially thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) cases, are recommended because they provide full-body protection for your phone. Phone protective cases that are made with TPU material are flexible because of their elasticity rate and ability to absorb shock.

Choosing a protective cover with raised bezels around the camera for your iPhone 13 will protect your camera from dust and scratches. Some factors to consider before choosing a protective case for your iPhone 13  include:

  • Material: Phone protective cases are made of different materials like leather, rubber, etc. You are advised to choose a strong material that can resist scratches and damage to your phone’s camera.
  • Aesthetics: Asides from being used for protection, protective cases are stylish, as they come in a wide variety of colours, sizes, patterns, and designs that you can choose from, depending on your preferred style.
  • Cutouts: Your protective case should have cutouts that will allow you to conveniently access your camera, speaker, and side buttons, even while the case is on. 
  • The use of a camera lens protector is another great way to protect the camera of your iPhone 13. A camera lens protector is a thin, transparent cover that is made of plastic or glass and placed over the surface of your iPhone’s camera lens, similar to how screen guards are placed on phone screens to prevent damage that can result from cracks and accidental falls.

Although the camera lens of the iPhone 13 is built with strong materials that can not be easily scratched, using a lens protector will offer extra protection from scratches and cracks.

Listed below are some features to look out for before buying a camera lens protector:

  • Coverage: Lens protectors are available in different sizes, and as a result, it is important that you choose a lens protector that has a perfect fit on your iPhone 13 camera lenses so they do not block the flash or the lenses themselves.
  • Quality: You have to determine the thickness, hardness, coating and overall quality of a lens protector before buying. A thin lens protector can result in interference which will reduce your picture quality. Also, lens protectors with oleophobic coating are great because they withstand fingerprints, oil, and smudges.
  • Clarity: To prevent distortion of your pictures and videos, your lens protector has to be super-clear.
  • Style: Lens protectors are considered to be stylish, so they come in various colours that allow you to match them with the colour of your iPhone 13.
  • A phone pouch is another good way to protect your iPhone 13 camera. Phone pouches offer protection from dust, scratches, and external damages that might occur.

While the use of accessories like a phone pouch, camera lens protector, and protective covers are vital ways to protect your iPhone 13 camera, you can also take some preventive measures without these accessories:

Firstly, you have to be extremely cautious as to how you place your phone because continuously placing your iPhone 13 on surfaces will cause scratches to form around the surface and accumulate dust on your camera lens, which will definitely lead to a significant reduction in your camera quality.

Also, regularly cleaning your phone’s camera is a good way to prevent the spread of dust. Note that the camera of your iPhone 13 should be cleaned with microfiber because this material is soft, absorbent, and durable. 

Can the iPhone 13 camera get scratched_

Can The iPhone 13 Camera Get Scratched?

Accumulation of dust on your camera lens and continuously placing your iPhone 13 on surfaces will cause the camera lens to get scratched. While these scratches might not be easily noticed, they can, later on, result in poor video and images or even major damage to your camera. 

Having this in mind, it is important to get accessories like a camera lens protector, phone pouch, or protective cases to protect your iPhone 13 camera from scratches and dust. 

These accessories are not pricey and worth every penny since they go a long way in ensuring that your phone’s camera stays in top shape and performs optimally by producing high-quality images and videos.

Are iPhone 13 lens protectors necessary_

Are iPhone 13 Lens Protectors Necessary?

While the iPhone 13 camera lens is built with sapphire, which makes it durable and resistant to scratches, using a lens protector is a precautionary measure that should be taken to keep your camera lens from cracks, scratches, or dust.

If you are not convinced about the role lens protectors play in protecting the camera of your iPhone 13, you can alternatively invest in a protective phone cover or a front and back screen protector. These accessories can also serve as means to protect the camera lens of your iPhone 13.


In conclusion, it is important that you take precautionary measures, like investing in accessories such as a camera lens protector, a protective case, or a phone pouch, to protect your iPhone 13 camera, as this will definitely help you to keep your camera lenses from scratches, and dust. 

This, in turn, will help you to keep taking high-quality images and videos with the camera of your iPhone 13.

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