Huawei Band 6 Smartwatch Review: Is this Gadget Worth Buying?

After leaving Google Android for TIZEN OS, Huawei released their new fitness tracker called “Band 6.” It has an even larger screen than the previous version of the band (the HonorBand5), so it doesn’t look quite like the original at first glance.

Its screen size is 1.5 times bigger than the one found in the Huawei Watch Fit, but it has the same watch face design and user interface.

I had found the software interface less intuitive than before and had doubts about the accuracy of the health tracking. In addition to having an even better battery life than its predecessor, the Huawei Band 6 has an additional ninety-six different exercise routines built into the watch itself.

Huawei Band 6 Smartwatch Series

Huawei Band 6 Smartwatch Design

Huawei Band 6 has been designed to look more expensive, but it’s not as expensive as it seems.

Fitness trackers in this price range tend to be relatively thin, with displays not more than half an inch wide. 

I’m pleased to inform you that the device has an impressive screen size of 1.47 inches. In addition, it has an excellent screen resolution for viewing images, videos, and games.

The build quality of the Band 6 itself isn’t especially noteworthy, but it’s not unpleasant either. I enjoyed the sleek black look of the leather band and its comfortable fit.

On the one hand, its interface isn’t bad at all; it has an intuitive design and looks great. I appreciate the inclusion of an indent function on the right-hand sidebar, but I found the navigation system quite confusing.

You tap the screen to turn the display on. To bring up the full functionality of an app, you need to press the home button twice. If you don’t do that, you’re taken to a list of quick tasks that may leave you feeling like there was no point in using the app. For sure, these things get easier with practice. But some companies offer even better experiences than others.

I would like to point out one particular feature which I think will be useful; it allows you to keep the band’s screen on for up to 5 minutes instead of just 5 seconds. 

Fitness trackers at this price point usually display their screens for shorter durations than more expensive devices, and they don’t offer always-on functionality. Having an option like this can be considered a great blessing.

Huawei Band 6

Huawei Band 6 Smartwatch Display

When talking about the display of Huawei Band 6, it has an AMOLED display of 1.47-inches. Here I can see an AMOLED display that has a resolution of 194 x 368 pixels. It may not be the highest-resolution display available for a fitness tracker, but its brightness and colour quality makes up for any shortcomings.

It indeed features a comparatively smaller screen than some others; however, its display quality isn’t bad either.

It has a touch panel, and it responds well when touched. Most often than not, though, it does respond. With its large vertical size screen, Huawei was able to keep its fitness band small enough for easy portability.

Huawei Band 6 Smartwatch Features

In general, the Band 6 delivers solid reliability for most fitness tracking features, but its graphical displays could be better.

It’s far better than the cheaper Honor Band 6 for most people because it has so many different exercise modes. I didn’t test every mode either, but they’re worth trying out if you want to see what kind of results you get from each exercise. But even though they didn’t start automatically like some other fitness trackers, you’ll be able to use their running mode by pressing the button at any time during your runs.

You can use these various functions to log and assess them in the Health app. If you decide to go for a walk or jog outside, you’ll need to bring your smartphone because there isn’t an integrated GPS chip inside the Huawei Band 6. In general, it’s a suitable device at an affordable price point.

You can use the app as a weather forecast tool, take pictures remotely using its built-in camera, play songs from Spotify through its speaker function, but these features require pairing with an Android device.

You won’t be paid for anything; no apps, no music players, nothing at all. It’s not surprising at all, given its price tag. It seems to work quite nicely, and it’s because there’s a large display available. Notifications work really well, and there are lots of options for customising them, including themes and colours.

Is the Huawei Band 6 Smartwatch Worth Buying

Huawei Band 6 Smartwatch Performance

The data from the Huawei band is all stored on the health app, which you can install on both iOS and Android devices. The app’s design is clean and intuitive, allowing you to quickly view your activity, sleep scores, SpO2 levels, weights, step counts, and heart rates.

There’s additional detail explaining what all the scores and figures represent for each card. Its Sleep Tracking section has by far the most detail out of any app we tested. It even breaks down your REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep into its stages, including graphically represented time stamps for each stage. It also includes tips for improving your sleep scores.

Detailed exercise logs are included too. To determine how well I swam during my swim workout, I had to know which stroke I used most often, my average speed, and my stroke rate. Some sports record fewer data points than others. Workout sessions noted how fast my heart was beating during each session.

Unlike competitors like Withings, the application doesn’t link to any medically approved websites for its information. It may be worth reading through at least once before trying out any of these techniques yourself.

Exercise apps include sections for exercise plans and workout videos. With the help of an application like MapMyFitness RunKeeper, you can track your progress during various workouts and get feedback from friends about how well you’re doing. When you press the button in your fitness tracker, it starts recording your activity automatically. You will need your smartphone on you during the run, which may not be ideal if you want to listen to music or watch videos.

It supports both MyFitnessPal (the most popular fitness tracker) and Google Fit (allowing you to sync your activity across multiple devices).

Huawei Band 6 Smartwatch Buying Guide

Huawei Band 6 Smartwatch Battery Life

The Huawei band 6 offers good battery life. Of course, they say “14 days” maximum battery life in advertising, but if you use them heavily for longer, battery life won’t last long at all. After an intensive test session, I checked battery levels were down just a few percentage points from their previous state.

It’s just as impressive as its charging speed — I was able to get my battery back up from 80 per cent to 100 per cent in less than 15 minutes! Compared to the Huawei Watch Fit, its battery life is significantly longer.

Huawei Band 6 Smartwatch Specifications 

The specifications of the Huawei Band 6 Smartwatch are as follows: 

Dimensions 43 x 25.4 x 10.99 mm 
Weight 18 grams (Approximately) 
Display 1.47 inches AMOLED Screen 194 x 368 pixels  
Colours Forest Green, Amber Sunrise and Graphite Black. 
Watch Strap Forest Green Silicone Strap Sakura Pink Silicone Strap Graphite Black Silicone Strap Amber Sunrise Silicone Strap 
Sensors Optical heart rate sensor Gyroscope sensor Accelerometer sensor 
System Requirements iOS 9  Android 6.0 
Connectivity 2.4 GHz, BT5.0, BLE 
Environment Temperature: -10 ℃~+ 45 ℃ 
Battery Life 14 days for typical use 
Huawei Band 6 Smart Watch Review

Huawei Band 6 Smartwatch Pros 

Following are the Pros of Huawei Band 6: 

  • It is the consistent and reliable power output 
  • It has a Responsive screen. 
  • 24/7 heart rate and oxygen saturation monitoring are quite handy. 
  • It has Lightweight Design. 
  • It is functional for daily routine and monitoring. 
Huawei Band 6 Smartwatch Pink

Huawei Band 6 Smartwatch Cons 

Following are the Pros of Huawei Band 6: 

  • You might want to consider disabling notifications altogether because its notification support is not very helpful. 
  • You can’t integrate any third-party apps. 
  • Its bracelet cannot be changed easily. 
  • It doesn’t have temperature control. 
  • It is restricted to iOS functions. 

Huawei Band 6 Connectivity

Huawei Band 6 has no built-in GPS. If you’re going for outdoor activities like running, hiking, biking, etc., you might not be able to use your Huawei Band 6 because of its lack of built-in GPS, so you need to take your phone.

Huawei Band 6 Smartwatch Pros and Cons

Buying Guide 

Buy it if: 

  • You’re looking for an affordable fitness tracker. It’s an excellent way to track calories burned throughout the day. 
  • You need a lightweight band. I really like Band 6 because it feels so comfortable when I wear it. It makes me feel like I don’t even need to be wearing one! 
  • You want a longer-lasting battery. As long as you don’t need to charge multiple devices at once, having just one device that you can leave plugged into an outlet for days without worrying about whether it’ll be charged up again is great. 

Don’t Buy it if: 

  • You would like smartwatch features. If you’re looking for something that tracks health metrics like steps taken, calories burned, distance travelled, sleep quality, heart rate, etc., then Band 6 may not be right for you. However, if you just need a basic pedometer/fitness tracker, the Band 6 might be perfect for you. 
  • Software issues may be putting you off from using it. One of the biggest annoyances with the Band 6 is the fact that it doesn’t pair well with most phones and often has issues syncing up accurate data. 
  • You want to monitor your daily activity levels. Suppose you’re an active athlete or someone who trains regularly. In that case, you may benefit from investing in a tracker that provides extensive metrics like heart rate monitoring, GPS location, calorie burn, sleep quality, etc. 
Huawei Band 6 Smartwatch Strip

How much is the Huawei Band 6? 

The price of the Huawei Band 6 is approximately $55.97. 

Is the Huawei Band 6 Worth Buying? 

In general, the Huawei Band 6 has good battery life for its size, but not quite enough to be considered truly useful if you want something that lasts longer than a day at a time. It’s best suited for people who just need basic health and wellness functionality. 

If you’re looking for an affordable option, t strongly recommend you buy the Huawei Band 6 smartwatch. It has all the features you need at a price point under $150! 

Huawei Band 6 Smartwatch Review


If you’re looking for a fitness tracker that’s easy to wear, this one isn’t bad. The Huawei Band 6 comes with a comfortable silicone strap and a rubberised clasp. 

This fitness tracker is also water-resistant, so you can take it swimming without worrying about getting wet. The device itself is made out of plastic, and although it feels sturdy enough, we wouldn’t recommend taking it diving. 


Can you download apps on Huawei Band 6?

Yes, you can download apps on Huawei Band 6. Download the app from the Google Play Store by scanning the QR code on the box. Swipe up from the bottom edge of the display to open the Settings menu. Tap Apps & Data > Connectivity > Huawei Health App > Install.

How do I get more Huawei band faces?

To add more Huawei band faces, go to More>Faces, then tap on the screen to zoom out to show the frame styles. Select one of them from the list. You can download a new watch face for free by downloading an APK file from the Google Play Store.

Does the Huawei band 6 have GPS?

Yes, but if you’re going for outdoor activities like running, hiking, biking, etc., you might not be able to use your Huawei Band 6 because of its lack of built-in GPS, so you need to take your phone.

Does the Huawei Band 6 have a blood pressure monitor?

No, Smartwatches and smart bands don’t track blood pressure. You need specific equipment for that. You may be able to measure your heart rate, blood oxygen saturation level (SpO2) and even estimate your maximum volume of oxygen consumption (VO2 max) using the Huawei Band 6.

Can Huawei band 6 connect to Android?

It works with both Android and iOS smartphones. You can easily pair it up with the Huawei Health app, which you can find on the App Gallery for Android devices and Google play store for iOS devices.

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