What Is The Best Smartwatch For A Teenager? Here Are 7 Affordable Watches

Smartwatches are the new trend in technology. They are becoming more and more popular among teenagers. If you are looking to buy a smartwatch for your teenager, there are some things you need to consider.

There is an endless list of smartwatches suitable for teenagers, and buying a smartwatch ideal for your needs can be tricky.

In this article, I have combined a list of some smartwatches best for a teenager ranging from higher-end to mid-range and lower price point.

Garmin venue square

1. Garmin Venue Square

Garmin venue square smartwatch has a sturdy design that protects it from scratches and dents with a bigger touch screen that is super bright and reduces the glare even when in the sun. The silicone strap attached makes the watch comfortable to wear all day long whilst being gentle to the skin, so there would be no need to worry about any allergies and irritations for the teenager, and the watch gives a snug fit on the wrist.

It uses smart algorithms to monitor your teenager’s health like keeping track of your teenager’s menstrual cycles and keeping you updated about everything they should know as it keeps track of everything.

 The Garmin venue square smartwatch is a water-resistant watch, and it is compatible with android and iPhone, and Garmin offers a user-friendly mobile app with an impressive battery life that lasts for around six days on a complete charge.

Garmin vivo active 4s

2. Garmin vivo active 4s

The Garmin Vivo active 4s comes with interchangeable straps has everything your teenager needs from fitness tracking like guided breathing, sleep tracking, hydration tracking to music controls and a plethora of exciting features that are compatible with ios and android. It has a built-in GPS that lets you track your teenager using your phone, and they can make contactless payments using Garmin pay.

The Garmin Vivo active 4s is water-resistant so they can go swimming and if they love other sports this smartwatch is perfect for them with pre-loaded 20 sports including yoga also the display shows animated clips to help you understand the workout properly.

The Garmin connect app is user-friendly, and it lets your teenager customise the watch using their smartphone while the battery charges quickly and lasts for around seven days on moderate use. 

Black view

3. Blackview

The Blackview activity tracker is a good option if you are looking for one of the best affordable teenagers smartwatches and it comes in a stylish design that looks just like an apple watch. 

The watch has a bigger touch screen with excellent touch response, making performance and usage faster.

The watch comes loaded with multiple sports modes that they can activate on the go, and it is compatible with android and ios. There are sensors that keep track of how many calories have been burned and the number of steps that have been walked to give an almost accurate analysed report of their everyday fitness.

There is an array of watch faces depending on your teenager’s preference to choose from, and the watch wakes up as soon as it is tilted on the wrist, which is a highly convenient feature while driving. They can receive notifications related to WhatsApp and other texting apps as long as the compatible mobile app has been downloaded and configured on the go.

Lets fit

4. Letsfit

 Letsfit smartwatch is another cheap smartwatch for tracking the fitness of your teenager. It is designed with a 1.3-inch touchscreen that is highly responsive, and it comes with a scratch-resistant coating. It is water-resistant, and it is equipped with sensors that keep track of how many steps your teenager has taken in a day, while the fitness tracker calculates the calories burned every day and tracks their heart rate all day.

The different sports modes can be explored through the watch’s side button that opens up the menu for the sports modes or other features.

The let’s fit smartwatch is compatible with android and ios so you can download the Letsfit app from any app store and the battery life is impressive that on a complete charge the smartwatch offers a runtime of 10 days except battery-draining features have been turned on and this can cut the battery life.

Samsung galaxy watch 3

5. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung galaxy watch 3 is your choice if you want to get a stylish and premium watch for your teenager to track their fitness. The watch smartwatch is comfortable to wear with a long-lasting battery and features built-in GPS, and they can even track the route they followed during their jog.

It features a lot of advanced features like controlling the music or checking who is calling and texting without checking your phone, and the watch keeps track of their heart rate and provides other health metrics. The Samsung smartwatch mobile app is compatible with ios android smartphones, and the pdf report of your teenager’s fitness can be downloaded and shared amongst their friends.

The sporty watch is water-resistant up to 5 meters, so your teenagers can take it for a quick swim.

Apple watch series 4

6. Apple watch series 4

Apple watch has a smartwatch that is perfect for teenagers, and it has a cellular option that lets you answer calls or revert to messages and do anything that you can do with an iPhone.

It has an aluminium case that makes the smartwatch a durable option for teenagers, and the silicone band offers a snug fit that will not make the watch come off even when you are running or swimming. The processor is quicker, and you can quickly access the notifications and can use the watch to track fitness.

The Apple Series 4 has a family setup feature which makes it good for teenagers to feel secure, and they can call for help whenever required.

Fitbit sense

7. Fitbit Sense

Fitbit Sense is another suitable smartwatch for a teenager with excellent cool, unique features such as the on-wrist skin temperature or the Fitbit sensors with an automatic exercise mode detection and sleep tracker. Some cool features include a smart wake and reminder feature that should help teenagers manage their schedule or a menstrual health tracker that helps in discovering the patterns of periods.

 It is compatible with iPhone anAndroidid, so you can download the Fitbit app to activate the Fitbit pay feature or the always-on display feature that looks great, or you can check the real-time stats with a glance even when your hands are full and you get notifications for calls or texts.

The battery lasts around 6 days, so there is no need to charge it every day, and there is a find my phone feature when your teenager loses their phone.


The smartwatches mentioned above are some of the best and most affordable smartwatches on the market right now for teenagers. However, it all depends on the features that matter most to you.

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