Discover the Pricing and Availability of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Tablet

Knowing the retail price of a particular device or gadget costs is an important part of making an informed buying decision. If you want to buy the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, you will need to know how much it costs before you buy it. 

Even after you have gone through the specs and performance details of the tablet, you still have to know how much it costs before you can buy it. So, the price of a device is as important as its specs and other details. Now, join me as I discuss the pricing and availability of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, as well as some of the promos and bundles that you could get if you wanted to buy the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8.

Price Points and Configurations

Price Points and Configurations – Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Tablet

On the Samsung website, the Galaxy Tab S8 has a starting price of $699 (less with a qualifying trade-in). and in return, you get a model with 128 GB of storage in your pick of silver, graphite, or pink gold. If you’d prefer more capacity, you can purchase the model with 256GB of space for $779. Samsung only offers Wi-Fi models on its website, but AT&T and T-Mobile both offer cellular connectivity for the Tab S8.

You can also find it on Amazon for less, but if you buy it on Amazon, you won’t get a chance to trade in your older Samsung device. However, that only applies if you already own a Samsung device and you would like to trade it in. 

You may also have the option of paying more to add 5G if you reside outside of the US. So, the 128GB model costs £799/€819 and the 256GB model costs £849/€929

This is a little expensive for what it gives; however, the bundled stylus increases the price. Also, there isn’t much actual competition in the Android tablet industry, at least not in the West.

Availability and Release Dates 

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 is available worldwide, and it comes in 3 colour options: pink gold, silver, and graphite. The base model comes with 128 GB of storage and costs $699. It is available on the Samsung store for that price, but you can also find it for less on Amazon, best buy and other storefronts. You could even walk into your favourite mall and chances are high that you could buy it there. 

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 was announced alongside its bigger siblings; the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra at Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event on the 9th of February 2022 and it was released worldwide on the 25th of March.

Price Comparison with Other Tablets

Price Comparison with Other Tablets 

The $699 base price of the Tab S8 is a fair demand when you take into account what you would have to pay for rival 11-inch tablets. It undoubtedly possesses the total hardware expertise to go head-to-head with Lenovo, Apple, and others. As compared to Windows and iPadOS, its combination of sheer power and specialised software is where it falls short, if at all. These two platforms both offer hardware that performs significantly better than mobile silicon at a comparable price range.

Android Comparisons

The immediate competition for Android begins at home. Samsung’s larger Galaxy Tab S8 Plus ($899) has nearly all of the same features as its smaller sibling but with more space. The screen grows into a 12.4-inch super AMOLED display and transitions from LCD to AMOLED while maintaining a 120Hz refresh rate. 

Except for the battery, almost every other specification is the same. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus has a larger 10,900 mAh battery than the smaller model and an in-display fingerprint scanner that replaces the power button sensor.

If you are looking for an actual laptop replacement, Samsung’s monstrous Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra ($1,099) might be the device for you. Aside from the massive screen and gorgeous display, the Ultra model has a few features that the smaller two do not. 

To begin, it includes more RAM and storage options, including 12 GB/256 GB and 16 GB/512 GB models. You’ll also get an additional 12MP front-facing camera and a slightly larger 11,200mAh battery. It is, however, massive, and it comes at a high price.

Think about the Galaxy Tab S7 family starting in 2021 if you want to save money while sticking with Samsung. The Tab S7 FE ($529), the most recent model, makes the most sense given its 12.4-inch screen. Choose the Wi-Fi-only model instead of the 5G model since it has a faster processor. The Galaxy Tab S7 Plus ($849) is still available, but unless you can locate it on sale, the price disparity between the old and new devices prevents it from being a good deal.

Lenovo offers several competitively priced Android options. The Lenovo Tab P12 Pro ($699) is first up. It boasts a sturdy 12-inch screen, good battery life, and a stylus in the box. In comparison to the Tab S8 Plus, you could consider it a more affordable choice. A nice screen and better-than-average battery life are also features of Lenovo’s more entertainment-focused Lenovo Yoga Tab 13 ($699), although customising options are few.

Other Tablets 

The iPad Pro line is its clear rival when it comes to Android. The 12.9-inch iPad Pro ($1,099) may be superior to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, even if the 11-inch display model ($799) is arguably the closest direct rival. Apple’s Pro pads have been available for a year, and the larger model costs $300 more upfront. They nevertheless offer outstanding performance, one of the strongest software commitments in the sector, and a sizable community of specialised programmes and add-ons like clip studio paint. A stylus is an additional cost, though.

There is always the choice of Windows for slates. Even though Microsoft’s Surface tablets are more like convertible or hybrid computers than actual slates. Although the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 ($1,099) costs more than the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, it is praised for its superior performance and gives all the versatility of a complete Windows 11 computer with a 13-inch display. 

The Microsoft Surface Go 3 ($629), which has a smaller 10.5-inch screen and relatively constrained memory, storage, and processor combinations, is the final option. Comparing Android with Windows head-to-head might not seem quite fair. Nonetheless, the Tab S8’s price necessitates comparison to equipment with comparable price tags. Simply put, Windows is more productive than Android.

Special Edition and Promos

Special Edition and Promos 

As far as special edition designs go, Samsung has remained tight-lipped about its inevitable release of the Galaxy Tab S8 Fan Edition, which should come out this year but they could also delay it till next year; however, I do suspect that it will come out this year. Fan Edition, or FE, tablets and phones are slightly downgraded versions of the base model phones, which Samsung sells at a cheaper price to give their fans a taste of the Samsung life. 


As far as promos go, Samsung still bundles the Galaxy Tab S8 with a pair of Galaxy Buds 2, but you might have to pay slightly above board for it. However, you can trade in an older Samsung device to get the price down. I think there might also be a summer promo where they bundle the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 with the keyboard for a little cheaper. 

I know they did that when the device first came out. Also, if you are looking for a good deal on the tablet and you are a value hunter, you could always go for a refurbished model on Amazon; while it may not be a promo, it still gets you the tablet cheap.

However, if you have an Amazon E-Gift card then you can get a good deal on a new one, but watch out for high shipping charges if you live outside of the United States and Europe. They also bundle it with a refurbished detachable keyboard, but not very regularly. I know that getting a promo can be difficult to find, but if you check around, I’m sure you will find one.

Warranty and Customer support 

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 5G comes with a two-year warranty. Samsung offers a protection plan that covers additional insurance against accidental damage and theft with its Care+ plan, though costs may vary based on the location. Samsung also offers expert customer care on their home page if you need it, and there should be a number to call and a person you can chat with too.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 costs $699 for the base model, which comes with 8GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. You can also get the larger 256 GB model for $799. I hope that with this article you have all the information you need concerning the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 to make an informed purchase about the tablet. In this article, 

I have broken down all of the pricing and availability conditions of the tablet, as well as compared it to other tablets within its price range and given you all the information you could want about promos available. Once again, thank you so much for reading this article, and please feel free to drop all of your questions in the comment section below, because I’m eager to answer them.

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