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Lenovo Tab P11 Tablet Review and Buyer’s Guide.

Lenovo Tab P11: A Quality Low Price Lenovo Tablet.


The metal body Tab P11 is a low price Lenovo tablet with a long list of valuable features. However, in reviewing the Lenovo P11 tablet, I discovered some flaws that I will be discussing in this Lenovo Tab P11 review.

Lenovo Tab P11 Tablet Review and Buyer’s Guide


The Lenovo Tab P11 has a rather traditional appearance, but it is nonetheless fairly popular. The double finish is attractive to the eye and the touch, especially on the rough anthracite portion. 

The grey component, which is the most important, is magnetic. It allows you to connect an external keyboard to your computer (sold separately). It has a kickstand that allows you to control the screen’s tilt. It’s well-built, attractive, and the typing experience is pleasant.

At the front, there’s a lovely 11-inch display with similar thickness borders to the Apple iPad Pro and Apple iPad Air, or even the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7, for example. It’s simple, but it has an impact. Unlike the above shelves, the front module is situated on the right border, not the top. 

The keyboard is connected, and its location has been improved for horizontal use, so you can use the tablet as a computer. The display takes up 81 per cent of the overall front surface area, which is rather impressive.

Despite its 490 g weight, the Lenovo Tab P11 has nice handling. The weight is evenly distributed, and the 5:3 aspect ratio allows for proper vertical and horizontal use. Watching movies, reading comic books, and even sketching with the pen is possible with the device (sold separately). 

Lenovo has placed the buttons in the upper right corner of the device. At the very top of the right border are the volume controls. On the right, you can see the start key on the top border. An installation that is simple to use regardless of the tablet’s orientation.

Lenovo Tab P11 Tablet Pros and Cons


The 11.5-inch display of Lenovo’s Tab P11 Pro is one of the most important features. You may get the most out of any multimedia material, website, or literature by using an important diagonal. With a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels, the screen is made of OLED technology. HDR10 + is also supported. 

The brightness is likewise excellent, and it is automatically adjusted. The fact that it is a PenTile panel is the sole issue. As a result, some of the very high resolutions are lost in the “shared” sub-pixels, but this has no impact on the system’s operation.


The Snapdragon 662 processor in this Lenovo tablet is from early 2020. The processor is paired with 6 GB of RAM. With a one-year-old SoC and sufficient RAM, the Tab P11 clearly delivers excellent performance and can compete with high-end Android tablets.

The tablet does, in fact, come to tease the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and S7 Plus in terms of RAM management. The P11 can execute any software without stuttering when in use. 

Even with multiple applications active in the background, multitasking is properly managed, and smoothness is vital. The 6 GB of RAM won’t be an issue with artistic tools like Photoshop and Infinite Painter.

This tablet receives a score of 90 for video games. Although it is unavoidably inferior to the Tab S7 and Snapdragon 865, this Lenovo tablet performs nicely against the Play Store’s behemoths. Of course, not everything will go off without a hitch. 

On the bigger titles, such as Genshin Impact, it may be necessary to make concessions at times. Regardless, the user will have a great time.

Lenovo Tab P11 two-in-one Tablet

Battery life

The Lenovo Tab P11 boasts a large 7,700mAh battery that allows it to endure 15 hours and 17 minutes (a lengthy period that places it among the most self-sufficient on the market). 

It’s even superior to its major competitor, the Galaxy Tab A7 (2020).) This allows you to use the Tab P11 for a full day of work and still have time to read or relax in the evening.

If you wish to utilize the Lenovo Tab P11 for a longer binge-watching and gaming session, consider a complete season in the first scenario (6 episodes of Loki without recharging), and the remaining battery life was well over 50% after two hours of play (including Asphalt 9, eFootball Pes, and Call of Duty).

Fast charging is supported by the battery. It takes about two hrs and a half to fully charge from 0 to 100% using a 20W charger.


The P11 tablet has the following features:

  1. Google Kids Space, an autonomous account for kids, and over 10,000 teacher-approved applications and activities, as well as hundreds of free books, all help kids discover, create, and grow.
  2. With a built-in backdrop blur that obscures everything behind you, this high-resolution 8MP webcam enables high-quality video calling, making it easier to learn or work from home.
  3. Eye protection is provided by an 11-inch IPS display with TÜV-certified 2K resolution.
  4. Dolby Vision and DisplayPort are supported.
  5. On a stunning screen, everything of the theatre’s beauty is captured.
  6. Premium metal design in one piece.
  7. Quad JBL speakers with Dolby Atmos technology provide 360-degree sound coverage.
  8. A keyboard that matches the performance of a laptop
  9. With 4096 levels of pressure and tilt detection, the Precision Pen 2 adds precision and control.
  10. Bamboo Paper or Squid applications are already installed.
Lenovo Tab P11 Tablet 2-in-1


  • Qualcomm Snapdra\gon 662 Octa-Core Processor
  • Android 10 as the operating system
  • 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM, 4GB RAM + 128GB ROM, 6GB RAM + 128GB ROM are the memory options.
  • MicroSD card slot with about 256GB of storage (exFAT file up to 1TB)
  • Up to 12 hours of web browsing and up to 15 hours of movie playback on the battery
  • 7700mAh capacity
  • Speakers: Four Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers
  • Microphone: Smart Voice digital signal processing with a dual microphone array (mid-field)
  • Dimensions: 25.84 x 16.3 x 0.75 cm (H x W x D)
  • Weights start at 490 g.
  • Front: 8 MP with fixed focus, Rear: 13 MP with autofocus and flash
  • Sensors include a gravity sensor, a Hall sensor, an ambient light sensor, a gyroscope, a time of flight (TOF) sensor, and a vibration sensor.
  • Slate Gray and Platinum Gray are the two colours available.
  • 802.11 a/ b/ g/ n/ ac, dual band, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, Wi-Fi 6 technology, WiFi Direct, Bluetooth ® 5.1, WiFi Display, GPS / Beidou, A-GPS, GLONASS, FM radio
  • Face recognition is used to unlock the device. 
  • USB-C 2.0 for data transfer and charging, as well as USB-C headphones; Pogo 4-point keyboard connector for data transfer and charging, with an optional keyboard
  • MicroSD card slot and single SIM card slot (Nano-SIM + TF) are available.
Is the Lenovo Tab P11 tablet worth buying


  • Quality look.
  • Low priced. 
  • A lovely LCD panel; good mid-range performance. 
  • Comes with a keyboard and a pen.
  • A large and entertaining display.
  • Easy-to-use “desktop” interface.
  • Excellent connectivity and excellent craftsmanship. 
  • Four speakers support Dolby Atmos. 
  • Wi-Fi is quite fast. 
  • Children’s account management and a special mode IPS display that is good. 
  • There is no PWM flickering. 
  • Long-lasting battery.


A one-of-a-kind photo module. 

The colour temperature is a little too poor. 

There is no audio jack.

The processor is not top-of-the-range. 

Erroneous GPS and the main camera is unreliable. 

Low Price Lenovo Tablet

Buying guide

The device is one-of-a-kind and a lot of fun to use, and the system is responsive. The screen is fairly nice, but a bit higher DPI would have been nice. 

The speakers are adequate, mainly because the apps don’t consider the enormous screen size and appear the same as larger phones. The battery has a pleasant flavour that prevents it from melting too rapidly.

On the other hand, various factors lead me to believe that the tablet, particularly in its lower version, has an “oaf” placement.

The overlay is relatively light; however, it is badly tuned and has a lot of issues (dark mode, Lenovo account, etc.)

Stuttering issues can be resolved when utilising multimedia apps (YouTube, Molotov, Netflix) by forcing the software decoder and reading high bitrate video files (insolvent).

Unlocking is done using either traditional techniques (Diagram, PIN) or a facial recognition system that works at random and provides no security guarantee.

The Desktop mode isn’t very good, and many programs aren’t resizable like they are on Samsung DEX or Huawei Desktop. Lenovo’s help is also lacking, with responses like “Thank you for letting us know about your problem, manage yourself” and the lack of an updated plan.

The most serious problem, in my opinion, is the USB C port, which is a USB2 port. It does not support video output; you must use USB-C headphones or purchase an adaptor.

Lenovo Tab P11 Tablet Review and Buyer’s Guide

The tablet isn’t very fast in everyday use, but it gets the job done since even the most complex activities are carried out without difficulty (but with its timing).

Furthermore, you will be able to work smoothly with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint thanks to the integration with the Office suite, especially if you attach a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

In particular, I’d like to point out that you’ll be able to connect a USB Type-C hub to various peripherals. At that time, the device will convert to Operating Mode, and the interface will resemble a desktop UI.

Moving on to gaming, the quality of heavy titles like PUBG isn’t excellent. You’ll only be able to play at medium settings, which isn’t ideal given our 11-inch display. 

In contrast, lighter titles offer better playability and overall quality. I specifically refer to games like Brawl Stars, Clash Royale, Subway Surfers, and others.

One of the Lenovo Tab P11’s main advantages is its four Dolby Atmos speakers (two on each side). It delivers a rich, full-bodied sound with a good frequency balance and high volume. Furthermore, two microphones perform a good job at collecting clear audio. 

In addition, you can equalise the sound to your preference according to the scene with the pre-installed “Dolby Atmos” program (movies, music, games, etc.).

Of course, not everything about the P11 is ideal. Because of its restricted GPS, it’s evident that it prefers to process multimedia indoors. The 13 MP camera, which is just excellent for snapshots, was also a disappointment.

As I previously stated, the UI navigation is not as quick as that of a top-of-the-line device, but it is exactly under its price range, and you will be able to work with confidence in any event. This is because any specific customisations do not burden the program.

I was delighted to discover that several Microsoft apps, such as Office and OneNote, were pre-installed. Including Lenovo’s “Assistant” software, Dolby Atmos, Google’s Kids Space, and Bamboo Paper and Squid for drawing.

Available series

The Lenovo Tab P11 has a Wi-Fi-only model and a device with LTE connectivity.

It should be mentioned that both versions come with a keyboard and a pen for handwriting and sketching.

How much is it worth?

The 4GB+ 64 GB version of the Lenovo P11 costs $285 USD. The 4 + 128 GB model costs 319 USD, while the 6 + 128 GB variant costs 342 USD.

The Lenovo Tab P11 Pro Wi-Fi costs approximately $685, while the Lenovo Tab P11 Pro WIFI + 4G LTE costs approximately $799.

Is the Lenovo Tab P11 Tablet Worth Buying?

Lenovo is a great tablet brand that produces some of the best gadgets available. The Tab P11 is an outstanding example of this, as it provides excellent performance at a low price, making it an excellent tablet for everyday usage.


The Lenovo Tab P11 provides a lot for its price. Customers will receive an IP52-certified 11-inch tablet with a brilliant, flicker-free 2K IPS display. 

Other advantages include four Dolby Atmos speakers and a long-lasting battery that should last a whole day even when used heavily.

The Lenovo Tab P11 is a multimedia and family-friendly tablet, which is why it offers a specific model for kids in addition to account management. Suppose you want to use this 11 as a “work and home-school” tablet. 

In that case, you’ll need at least the optional docking keyboard (about. $119) and maybe the Lenovo Precision Pen 2 ($119 or $71), according to the maker.

Even if the Snapdragon 662’s low performance prevents you from using the tablet without problems, it can only handle games in a restricted fashion. For the time being, the fact that the Tab P11 only runs Android 10 has no bearing on its multimedia capabilities. However, a more recent version would be preferable.

Lenovo Tab P11 Tablet Camera

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

What is this product’s primary function?

It’s ideal for web browsing and video streaming.

What pen is compatible with the Lenovo P11?

According to the device’s specs handbook, the Lenovo Precision Pen 2 is the only pen that will work with full features on the Tab P11 Pro when linked. Others, such as the Lenovo Active Pen 2, should connect or pair with the Tab P11 Pro, but it’s more likely to function as a stylus.

Are Lenovo tablets trustworthy?

Tablet designs are recognisable and reliable because the technology and related hardware have been around for a long time. Lenovo is a well-known and reputable brand that offers a variety of tablet sizes and specifications.

Is it possible to make a phone call on the Lenovo Tab P11?

The Lenovo Tab P11 Pro’s screen OLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M colours, 11.5 inches, 383.5 cm2, and resolution of 1600 x 2560 pixels, and 16:10 ratio (263 PPI density) allow for comfortable video conversations.

Is the Lenovo Tab P11 Pro compatible with a 5G network?

NO, the Lenovo Tab P11 Pro does not have 5G capability.

Lenovo Tab P11 Tablet Photos

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