Lenovo LivePods LP40 Review: Here Are All You Need To Know

Lenovo LivePods LP40
  • Design - 70%
  • Sound Quality - 67%
  • Battery Life - 72%
  • Value for Money - 79%

The Lenovo Livepods LP40 are standard semi-in-ear earbuds that come packed with several amazing features. With their ergonomic design, these earbuds provide a comfortable feel. 

These earbuds deliver great audio quality with their 13 mm double horn diaphragm alongside a good bass and treble. It comes with an HD microphone for clear calls and a voice assistant that serves as a guide.

These compact-sized earbuds are sleek, lightweight, and budget-friendly. It presents an incredible battery life that offers 12 hours of playback and an immersive listening experience. 

It features an IP54 waterproof which protects against water and dust; therefore, it can be used to hike, run, climb and perform all exercises without having to worry about it getting damaged.

The LP40 is a versatile and multipurpose earbud for music lovers who enjoy listening to intense music using quality headphones that send good sensations.

Overall, these earbuds are a travel companion and your go-to headphones for relaxation.

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The package reveals the Lenovo Livepods LP40 earbuds, charging case, charging cable, and a manual guide.

Specifications and features

  • Type: In the ear
  • Dimensions: 8 x 8.7 x 2.9cm
  • Driver unit: 13mm
  • Frequency response: 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Bluetooth: 5.0
  • Bluetooth Range: 10m (33 feet)
  • Bluetooth Codec: AAC and SBC
  • Profiles supported: HSP/ HFP/ A2DP/ AVRCP
  • Battery capacity: 40mAh*2 (Earbud) 300mAh (Charging box)
  • Charging time: 1hr
  • Playtime: 12 hours
  • Charging port: Type-C
  • Waterproof: IP54
  • Colour: Black and White

The Lenovo Livepods LP40 is made up of unique features that make them stand out amongst other earbuds in the market today. Some of these features are;

  • Decent/comfortable design: The LP40 has a stylish and elegant design that offers comfort. They do not cause ear fatigue to the ears, but when used for a long time, they can cause the ears to be sensitive. The design provides proper fittings and stability to the ears.
  • High Audio quality: With the 13 mm dual drivers, quality sounds are delivered alongside incredible treble and bass. They also come with an HD mic that gives clarity to calls.
  • Excellent audio codec: These earbuds come with AAC/SBC coding that helps to enhance the sound quality for a perfect audio output.
  • Simple touch controls: They feature a multifunction control that enables easy control for music playback, calls and voice assistant.
  • Solid Bluetooth 5.0: This Bluetooth offers a strong and reliable connection to ensure speedy performance.
  • Low latency: They offer low latency that helps to prevent delay, bring about low power consumption, and low distortion, which gives a satisfying content consumption
  • 12 hours of playtime: With the 40mAh earbud and 300mAH battery capacity, a total of 12 hours is offered in order to have a long uninterrupted playtime
  • IP54 waterproof: With this rating, the LP40 earbuds are protected from damage caused by water which makes them convenient for exercise purposes since they can withstand drops of sweat.
  • Effective Noise reduction technology: They produce a reverse sound wave to cancel noise made by the internal and external ambient noise of the ear.


The Lenovo Livepods LP40 earbuds offer reliable performance and excellent audio quality. 

They produce stereo sounds with their 13 mm dynamic drivers, delivering outstanding bass and treble. 

The inbuilt microphone offers clear sounds and clarity for calls, providing a realistic sound experience for the users.

These earbuds have a fast, automatic pair as they feature a 5.0 Bluetooth technology that provides solid connection, brings about stable performance, high-speed data transfer speed and low consumption.

The LP40 comes with a 230mAh charging case that helps to keep the earbuds safe and also gives an additional hour of playtime with the extra charge. 

The noise reduction technology is effective as it helps to cancel all internal and external ambient noise through reverse sound waves.

Overall the collective features of these earbuds are guaranteed to provide excellent performance and produce a quality audio output to give users an immersive listening experience.



The LP40 earbuds present themselves in a sleek plastic look, having the part that goes into the ear a bit big, made from a single material similar to air pods, and has an oval shape with a short stem. The earbuds have an elegant and glossy design that makes them look attractive.

These earbuds do not have a LED indicator on them; hence the low battery level and the connection state is indicated with sounds. At the bottom of the stem, you will find the multifunction control area with which you have to use both the index finger and thumb to touch the control area properly so it doesn’t fall off your ear.

The charging case is made out of plastic with a glossy finish that gives it a shiny and stylish look. It has a dimension of 50 x 43 x 25 mm, with a 25g weight, which makes it easily fit into the pocket. You will find the Lenovo logo in grey, as well as an opening lid surrounded by a built-in magnet for easy opening and closing with one hand. 

On the back, there is a LED button that shows red when you put it in charge and green when the earbuds are still waiting to be connected. The button can also be used to factory reset the earphones and to have them in pairing mode. It has a USB-C port for charging under the charging case.

The glossy designed case of the Lenovo Livepods LP40 easily attracts dust and can get scratched, so it is necessary to regularly clean it and keep it safe.

Sound quality

The Lenovo Livepods LP40 comes equipped with a 13 dynamic unit alongside a quality woofer that produces smooth and decent sounds. It also delivers good and well-balanced bass that offers a detailed sound of soft genres like classical and acoustic.

These earbuds present excellent sound quality with their powerful bass, accurate tones, max volume, and high stereo output with an enhanced sound stage.

For calls, these earbuds have noise reduction technology. They have an internal and external dual direction microphone, each taking up the internal and external ambient noise of the ear and replacing it with a reverse sound wave to cancel out noise. Although the microphone is not so perfect, it is great for clear calls.

Battery life

Battery life

When charged fully, the Lenovo LP40 40mAh earbuds provide about 3.5 uninterrupted playbacks at a time with the built-in 300mAh Li-polymer battery. The charging case provides additional charge time of up to 12 hours. The battery life of these earbuds is outstanding and varies depending on usage.


The Lenovo LP40 has a Bluetooth 5.0 chip which is compatible with iOS and Android devices. It offers solid and steady connection, strong transmission and low latency.

It supports SBS and AAC decoding that enhances the sound quality and delivers high audio quality. Even with a distance of 10 mm from your device, you can still enjoy your music. Sadly, it does not support multi-connection as it can pair just one device at a time.


The Lenovo Livepods LP40 comes in two basic colour options of black and white.

Pros and cons


  • It is affordable
  • Elegant and compact design
  • Decent audio with detailed bass
  • Fast and smooth Bluetooth pairing and low latency for gaming
  • Effective noise reduction technology
  • IP54 waterproof rating.


  • The part of the earbuds that fit into the ear is bulky
  • It does not support multi-connection
  • Poor quality earbuds.

Is the Lenovo Livepods LP40 Earbuds waterproof?

The Lenovo LP40 comes with an IP54 Waterproof which makes it resistant to water. This means that these earbuds can be used under light showers and can withstand splashes from the rain. 

These earbuds can be used to run, jog, and engage in all fitness activities since they can hold up a sweat and light drops of water. However, it is not to be submerged in the depth of water as it may cause major damage.

Buying guide

When considering whether or not to purchase the Lenovo Livepods LP40, it is important to keep in mind a few key factors, which I have already discussed most of them earlier in this review. 

These include the device’s specifications, features, and pros and cons. By taking all of these into account, you can make an informed decision about whether or not the Livepods LP40 is the right purchase for you.

The Lenovo LivePods LP40 comes compactly built with a stylish design that is appealing. 

It, however, has an in-ear bud that is quite bulky and can cause slight discomfort if worn for a long period of time.

If you are particular about the size of the part of the earbud that goes into your ear, the Honor X1/ Moecen X1 is recommended.

The LP40 offers high-quality performance as well as low power consumption and low latency with its solid Bluetooth 5.0 technology. It is lightweight and can easily fit into the pocket.


The Lenovo livepods LP40 cost $13.99. However, the price may differ depending on the store you purchase from.

How to control the earbuds

How to control the earbuds

To pause or play your songs, you single tap on either earbud at a time. You double-click your right side earbud to increase the volume and decrease it; you repeat the same action on the left side earbud. 

Changing your tracks either to the previous or next requires you to use the same pattern but this time clicking thrice. To activate the Siri voice assistant, you long press on one of the earbuds.

To pair the earbuds with a smartphone, simply open the charging case and the Earbuds automatically turn on and get ready to pair. 

Then open the Bluetooth interface of your phone, and you will see the device name ” Lenovo LP40″, which will automatically be recognised, click on it and pairing is successfully done. Pairing is done once manually; after that, it pairs.

Fast automatically so long as the Bluetooth is turned on; just take it out from the case and use it.

5 Alternatives to the Lenovo Livepods LP40

Some other earbuds to consider if the Lenovo Livepods LP40 does not measure up to your requirements include;

  • Lenovo LP2
  • Lenovo LP1s
  • Lenovo LP1
  • Lenovo GT2
  • Lenovo X18.


Overall, the Lenovo LivePods LP40 is a great choice for music lovers who want compact and comfortable earbuds. These earbuds come packed with cool features like long-lasting battery life, IP54 waterproof rating, and effective noise-cancelling technology.

These earbuds can be enjoyed when listening to music outdoors or during exercises and gaming. The performance delivered by these earbuds is excellent, and the audio quality is powerful audio with a well-detailed bass. Overall, these glossy-looking earbuds offer an immersive listening experience.

FAQs – Lenovo LivePods LP40 review

Q: How do you know when your Lenovo LP40 is fully charged?

A: When you insert the earbuds into the charging case, it automatically begins to charge. A red light will show on the LED indicator to show that the earbuds are charging. The red light automatically turns off when the charge is complete.

Q: How do I know when the Lenovo battery is low?

A: When the battery is low, a green light flashes.

Tip: when you put the earphone in the charging box, the green light of the charging case flashes; always charge the charging case on time.

Q: What is the MF button in Lenovo Livepods LP40 used for?

A: After getting connected to your smartphone device, use the MF button on the earbuds to control your music and phone calls. When you select a track, press the MF button once on either of the buds to play and then pause the current track.

Q: What is the capacity of the Lenovo LivePods LP40 battery?

A: These earbuds come with a Li-polymer battery, having the earbuds with 40mAh and the charging box with 300mAh.

Q: Is the Lenovo LivePods LP40 good for gaming?

A: The LP40 comes with a Bluetooth 5.0 chip that provides low latency while playing videos and games. It offers smooth audio and screen synchronisation, which gives you a great gaming experience. Simply pair with the smartphone or tablet and have your earbuds ready each time you open the charging box.

Q: How does the Lenovo Livepods LP40 touch control work?

A: A single tap or click pause/plays your song. To wake up the Siri voice assistant, you have to press long. 

To go back to your previous track, you click the left earbud thrice and to move to the next track; you click the right earbud thrice. 

To increase the volume, you double-click the right earbud, and to decrease the volume, you double-click the left earbud.

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