Is 60 Fps Good For Gaming?

The frequency with which a consecutive series of frames or images can appear on a display panel is measured by fps (frame per second). For instance, at 30fps, 30 clear images will appear successively within a second. Some of the most commonly used fps are 24fps, 30fps and 60fps. 

Using a low fps speed for gaming purposes can result in slow irregular motion, poor video quality and occasional lag, as opposed to a high fps. Having this in mind, we can say that the higher the fps, the smoother the gameplay will be.

Although the fps to use majorly depends on the user’s preference, 60fps is an ideal choice for gaming. A game running at 60fps means that the monitor displays 60 images per second. 

Is 60 Fps Good For Gaming?

60fps is great for action single-player games and most users even describe it as the best frame rate to play with, not just because of the display clarity and smooth gameplay, but because monitors with 60Hz refresh rates are affordable and easy to come by. 

It is important to note that frame rate has to balance with graphics quality, CPU and RAM to perform optimally.

What is the average frame rate for gaming - Is 60 Fps Good For Gaming

What Is The Average Frame Rate For Gaming?

On an average, 30fps is the standard frame rate for less intensive gaming, and as such, any fps less than this will make the gaming experience less enjoyable since it can take more time to respond to changes in the game because the frames take a long time to display, this, in turn, will affect the overall gaming performance. 

What Is The Minimum Frame Rate For Gaming?

For gaming, the minimum frame rate to produce a decent gaming performance is 30fps. This fps works on several gaming consoles as well as new entry PCs. 

Any fps below this minimum frame rate will result in poor performance, particularly in competitive gaming.

What are the benefits of higher frame rates in gaming_

What Are The Benefits Of Higher Frame Rates In Gaming?

Higher frame rates in gaming come with benefits like:

  • Lower system latency
  • Smooth animations and visuals
  • Reduced tears 
  • Does not require expensive products
  • Immersive gaming experience
  • Captures movement and details clearly

Are there any disadvantages to higher frame rates in gaming?

While there can be stuttering and slow responses with lower frame rates, higher frame rates only boost the overall gaming experience.


Game lovers understand the importance of fps in gaming, and as such, while 30fps will provide users with a decent gaming experience, 60fps is a great frame speed for gaming because it allows for smoother gameplay and an immersive gaming experience.

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