Is 60 fps good for gaming_

Is 60 Fps Good For Gaming?

The frequency with which a consecutive series of frames or images can appear on a display panel is measured by fps (frame per second). For instance, at 30fps, 30 clear images will appear successively within a second. Some of the …

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Is 144Hz refresh rate good for gaming_

Is 144hz Refresh Rate Good For Gaming?

Every gamer that is using their laptop for gaming purposes will know the importance of refresh rate in gaming laptops and understand the impact refresh rates have on gaming. Refresh rate greatly minimises blurry motion in games and guarantees users …

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Is The 75hz Refresh Rate Good For Gaming

Is 75hz Refresh Rate Good For Gaming?

When it comes to gaming desktops or laptops, the monitor refresh rate is one of the important things to keep in mind. A refresh rate of 60Hz is usually sufficient for mid-level gaming, but if you want to enjoy high-quality …

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Is 60Hz Good for Gaming_

Is 60Hz Refresh Rate Good for Gaming?

As a gamer, you know that having a laptop or desktop with good refresh rates is important for gaming. But what you may not know is that the trend is moving towards even higher refresh rates. Most gamers are used …

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