Is 144hz Refresh Rate Good For Gaming?

Every gamer that is using their laptop for gaming purposes will know the importance of refresh rate in gaming laptops and understand the impact refresh rates have on gaming.

Refresh rate greatly minimises blurry motion in games and guarantees users of crisp and clear picture quality, which makes gaming action and overall gaming experience more lively and fun. 

A low refresh rate will result in poor video quality and a drop in frame per second (fps). Most competitive video games require a great deal of speed and attention, and as a result, when games are played with higher refresh rates, this significantly improves your gaming experience. Simply put, for gamers, the higher the refresh rates, the better.

What is the refresh rate_

What Is The Refresh Rate?

Refresh rate can simply be defined as the frequency with which the images on a computer monitor or display screens of gadgets like phones and tablets are refreshed. 

It is also the exact number of times per second that a device that is raster-based displays a new image. Refresh rates of displays are measured in hertz(Hz). 

For modern computer monitors, the average refresh rate is 60Hz; however, a monitor that is designed for gaming purposes should have a minimum of 75Hz. Some higher refresh rates include 120Hz, 144Hz and 240Hz.

Since all monitors have different refresh rates, choosing one that fits your budget is important. 

Note that a higher refresh rate will cost more than a lower refresh rate. The resolution with which you run your games is also vital in determining your preferred refresh rate.

What Is The Difference Between 60Hz And 144Hz?

The major difference between 60Hz and 144Hz is that while a refresh rate of 60Hz means that the screen/monitor will refresh the display 60 times per second, a 144Hz refresh rate refreshes 144 times each second. 

For gaming monitors, the refresh rate of 144Hz brings about an improved gaming performance since it can show as many as 144 pictures in one second. Although 60Hz refresh rates are known to have a great screen resolution and display quality, they can make your gaming experience slow because they can refresh the display only 60 times per second. 

If you are particular about a screen with a higher resolution and display, then you might prefer a 60Hz refresh rate. Otherwise, the 144Hz refresh rate is a great option, depending on your choice and needs.

The 60Hz refresh rate is sufficient for casual gamers since they do not play high-intensive games, but game enthusiasts and professional gamers will prefer the 144Hz refresh rate.

What are the benefits of a 144Hz refresh rate_

What Are The Benefits Of A 144Hz Refresh Rate?

Some of the benefits of a 144Hz refresh rate are:

  • Improved and responsive gaming experience
  • Offers clear visuals, especially for action-packed games
  • Makes competitive gaming enjoyable
  • Smoother animations and display
  • Refreshes 144 times per second
  • Minimised screen tearing
  • Reduced ghosting

Is A 144Hz Refresh Rate Worth The Extra Cost?

If you are a hardcore gamer, the 144Hz refresh rate is worth the extra cost because it provides clearer visuals, smoother animations, reduced screen tearing and an overall improved gaming experience.

How Does A 144Hz Refresh Rate Improve Gaming?

A 144Hz refresh rate can improve gaming because it can help to reduce input lag and make the game look smoother. It can also help to reduce screen tearing.

However, ensuring that your refresh rate syncs with your GPU is essential; otherwise, you may not see the full benefits.


In conclusion, the 144Hz refresh rate is highly recommended for gamers. The benefits listed in this article provide more than enough reason for users with lower refresh rates to consider upgrading. 

The gaming experience is noticeably smoother and more enjoyable at the 144Hz refresh rate, so it’s definitely worth making the switch!

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