Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra And S21 Plus: What’s The Difference?

Every year most companies release their new flagship smartphone series, and among them, there is always the most flagship of their flagship phones, and that’s what the Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra is. It’s the most flagship of all flagship phones, and that’s not such a bad thing when you think about it, especially with Samsung

They give their creative and design team free rein to cram as much cool stuff as they can possibly fit into that 6.8inch phone. That’s why the phone comes with all the”bells and whistles” they could think of, and it comes at a nice price of $1300.

In this article, I will be discussing the difference between the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and S21 Plus including some insights into both smartphones.

So what is the difference between the Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra and S21 plus?

Under intense scrutiny, you might be hard-pressed to notice too many differences when you just look at them. 

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra And S21 Plus

Build and Battery of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra And S21 Plus

While the phones may appear to be the same size, the S21 ultra beats the plus by an inch to come in at 6.8 inches to the pluses 6.7inches. This also gives it the advantage in battery life as it comes with a 5000mph battery to the S21 pluses 4800mph battery. It’s a slight advantage but an advantage nonetheless. 

However, they do both share similar build designs as they both have the same camera contour cut out, which makes it look like the camera melts into the aluminium edges of the phones. 

They are both built using the same materials and glass builds with a matte finish. All phones come with gorilla glass and an infinity cut-out. All the S21 series have an IP 68 water and dust resistance rating. 

However, the Ultra only comes in two colours: Phantom Silver and Phantom Black. Unlike the plus with 3 options available; Phantom Violet, Phantom Silver, and Phantom Black. 

Camera of S21 ultra and S21 plus

Camera – Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra And S21 Plus

The obvious difference you would notice at first glance is the cameras, and this is where Samsung has been able to really cram every idea they could come up with. 

The S21 ultra has a larger camera module, and that’s because compared to the S21 plus, the ultra has four cameras and a laser autofocus module. The S21 ultra has a 40mp selfie camera, a 108mp primary camera that can take 12-bit raw photos in pro mode. 

It comes with a 12mp ultra-wide with dual pixel autofocus, which can also be used as a macro camera that switches focus at less than 10cm to the main image to take lovely macro shots. 

It also has two telephoto cameras that can get up to 100X zoom, which is an incredible feat, and with the laser, autofocus provides a more stable and balanced zoomed view when taking super shots. 

However, the S21 plus has a 12mp main, one telephoto camera, and a 10mp selfie camera. The ultra can shoot both 8k and 4k videos at 60fps, while the plus can shoot both but only at 24 and 60fps, respectively.

Display of S21 ultra and S21 plus

Display – Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra And S21 Plus

The S21 ultra has the better max brightness, which tops out at 1500nits, making for better images when outside, while the S21 plus only has 1300nits which is not bad, but the ultra is superior. The ultra has a Quad HD 1440p display at 120hrtz per second refresh rate. With a superior adaptive refresh rate of 10-120hrtz which conserves battery life more efficiently when certain features are not in use.

Chipset of S21 ultra and S21 Plus


Finally, all the S21 series come with the same chipset of the Quad-core Snapdragon 888 chipset or the Exynos 2100 chipset, depending on the region. 

For example, the USA gets the SnapDragon while the UK gets the Exynos. However, the S21 ultra comes with 12-16GB of Ram, while the plus comes with 8GB of Ram. 

The ultra also has a max storage option of 512GB, while the plus and the base model S21 only max out at 256GB. 


All in all, I see this as an enthusiast phone, for someone who wants all the “Bells and whistles” on board. However, if you are an average user, this might not be the phone for you; I say that only because of the larger price difference between both phones. 

If you’re not going to fully utilize the phone’s awesome features, then you might as well buy the plus. This is an enthusiast smartphone; some of the features may seem very extra to some users. So it finally comes down to whether or not you can afford it and whether or not you find all the extra features on the S21 ultra appealing. However, the choice is always yours.

Product Image Gallery – Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra And S21 Plus

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