Apple Set to Release New Macs Early Next Year

Apple is set to launch a new line of Macs early next year, according to reports. The new models—including M2-based versions of the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros—are expected to be announced by the first half of March.

This is later than the company had originally planned, but Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook said that the product line is “set” for this holiday season.

Luca Maestri, Apple’s chief financial officer, added that the company’s holiday quarter (ending December 31) would see revenue growth decelerate compared with the previous period, in part because there will be no major MacBook Pro launch like there was last year.

Despite this, analysts are still predicting a modest uptick in sales, enough to get Apple into record territory.

The first Apple Silicon Mac Pro is running behind the company’s own self-imposed timeline. When it announced the transition to homegrown chips in 2020, Apple said the move would take about two years. The revamped Mac Pro, coming next year, will clearly miss that schedule.

But the machine will be superior to what Apple originally intended to offer. The core M1 architecture is based on the A14 chip from 2020, while the basis of the M2 is quite a bit newer. Apple also may be waiting until it can build chips using the 3-nanometer process (the first M2 chips and the M1 are based on 5-nanometer technology). So it’s probably worth the wait.

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