Are Loop Earplugs Worth It? Discover All The Truths You Need To Know

In this blog post, we will explore whether Loop earplugs are worth buying. We’ll look at who Loop earplugs are best suited for, their key features and benefits, as well as some of the potential downsides to consider. By the end, you’ll have all the information you need to decide if Loop earplugs are the right choice for your needs and budget.

Key Takeaways: Are Loop Earplugs Worth It?

  • Loop earplugs use innovative noise filtering technology to lower, not block, background sounds to comfortable levels.
  • They are ideal for those with sensory sensitivities, tinnitus, autism, ADHD and more who want to avoid sensory overload.
  • Benefits include hearing protection, comfort for extended wear, discreet appearance, and the ability to still hear speech/music.
  • The downsides are cost, breathing can sound loud, and it doesn’t completely mute very loud noises like snoring.
  • Try them yourself to see if the improved comfort and sound filtering are worth it for your lifestyle.

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Are Loop earplugs worth it

Are Loop earplugs worth it?

When it comes to evaluating if Loop earplugs are worth the investment, the answer depends on your personal needs and preferences. For those with sensory processing issues, sound sensitivities, tinnitus, autism, ADHD and similar conditions, Loop earplugs can provide invaluable relief by lowering background noise to more comfortable levels while still allowing you to hear the sounds you want to.

The innovative noise filtering technology used in Loop earplugs allows you to still hear critical sounds like voices, music and announcements at safe volumes while dramatically reducing distracting and overwhelming ambient sounds. This makes them ideal for environments that would normally be too loud, chaotic or uncomfortable for you.

Additionally, Loop’s soft silicone eartips come in multiple sizes for a customised, comfortable fit suitable for extended wear. Their discreet, earbud-like appearance also makes them more subtle and appealing to wear in public places. All combined, these features make Loop earplugs a game-changing hearing accessory for those with sensory issues.

Who are Loop earplugs best suited for?

While anyone can benefit from Loop earplugs’ ability to comfortably filter background noise, they are especially beneficial and often life-changing for certain groups, including:

  • Individuals with sensory processing disorders or hyperacusis who experience sensory overload and physical discomfort from loud environments
  • Those with tinnitus who need protection from noise exposure that could worsen their condition
  • People with autism, ADHD and similar conditions who struggle to filter sounds and get easily overwhelmed by auditory stimuli
  • Musicians and concert-goers looking to prevent further hearing damage and tinnitus.
  • Those working in or frequently exposed to loud occupational environments like construction, landscaping or manufacturing.
  • Travellers who want to reduce the discomfort and fatigue from loud vehicle engines and busy public spaces
  • Side sleepers who need effective yet comfortable earplugs to block disruptive noise like snoring or outside traffic

So, in summary, if you experience sensory sensitivity or sound filtering issues, Loop earplugs can be a worthwhile investment to dramatically improve your comfort, function and hearing protection on a daily basis.

Types of Loop Earplugs

Types of Loop Earplugs

EarplugNoise ReductionKey FeaturesBest Uses
Loop Switch-26 dB– Most noise reduction- Interchangeable tips to switch protection level– Extreme noise environments- Customizable for situation
Loop Quiet-26 dB– Maximum noise blocking- No speech/sound quality loss– Sleeping (snoring, traffic, etc)- Very loud events
Loop Experience-18 dB– Maintains speech/music quality- Reusable & washable– Concerts & festivals- Social gatherings
Loop Experience Plus-18 dB– Same as Experience- Added foam tips & Loop Mute– As Experience- More accessories
Loop Engage-16 dB– Limits echo of body sounds- Least muffling of own voice– Social settings- Noise sensitivity
Loop Engage Plus-16 dB– Same as Engage- Added foam tips & Loop Mute– As Engage- More accessories
Loop Engage Kids-16 dB– Smaller design for kids 4+- Fun colours/prints– Protect kids’ hearing- Sensory issues

What are the key features and benefits of Loop earplugs?

Now that we’ve covered who Loop earplugs are ideal for, let’s look at some of their standout features and why they are different from ordinary earplugs:

  • Innovative noise filtering technology – Rather than completely muffling all sounds, Loop selectively lowers background noise while still allowing voices, music and other audio to come through clearly at a comfortable volume.
  • Hearing protection – By reducing loud noise exposure, Loop earplugs protect your hearing and reduce the risk of further damage and tinnitus. This makes them especially valuable for concerts, festivals, nightclubs and other extremely loud events.
  • Comfort – Loop’s soft, mouldable silicone eartips come in multiple sizes for a customised fit. They are comfortable enough to wear for extended periods without irritation.
  • Discreet appearance – With a subtle, low-profile design that resembles wireless earbuds, Loop earplugs are much more discreet and socially acceptable to wear in public than bulky construction-grade ear defenders.
  • Situational awareness – Wearers can still clearly hear important sounds like voices, announcements and music, as well as quieter ambient sounds like footsteps. This situational awareness makes them suitable for environments where you need to hear what’s going on around you.
  • Affordability – While more expensive than basic foam earplugs, Loop earplugs are very competitively priced compared to advanced electronic noise-cancelling earbuds which can cost hundreds more.
What are some potential downsides to consider

What are some potential downsides to consider?

While Loop earplugs have many excellent features that make them worth it for many, there are some potential downsides to consider as well:

  • Cost – Loop earplugs are more expensive than generic disposable foam earplugs, so they represent a bigger upfront investment. Replacement eartips add to ongoing costs too.
  • Breathing sounds – Some users report that breathing sounds seem amplified with Loop earplugs in. This may require an adjustment period.
  • Trial and error fitting – Getting the right customised fit can take some experimentation with different-sized eartips. Poorly fitted earplugs won’t work as effectively.
  • Ongoing eartip replacement – The silicone eartips wear out and need replacing every 3-6 months for hygiene and noise filtering performance.
  • Incomplete noise blocking – While Loop earplugs substantially reduce background noise, they don’t completely mute very loud, disruptive sounds like snoring. Those looking for total noise blocking may need to look into earmuffs or other defenders.

So weigh up these factors against the potential benefits to decide if Loop earplugs are likely to be worthwhile for your personal needs and sensitivities.

Conclusion: Give Loop a try to determine if they are worth it for you

In the end, the question of whether Loop earplugs are worth their price tag depends significantly on the individual. For those with sound sensitivities, sensory processing issues, tinnitus and related conditions, Loop can provide an absolute game-changer by allowing you to function comfortably in environments that would normally be intolerable.

However, for those simply looking to block out a bit of background chatter or traffic noise, generic foam earplugs may meet your needs just fine.

We recommend trying Loop earplugs for yourself if possible and paying attention to:

  • How much relief do you experience from amplified ambient sounds?
  • Can you still clearly hear the sounds you want/need to?
  • How comfortable are they for long-term wear?

If the answer to these questions is significantly better with Loop earplugs versus cheaper disposable options, then the investment will likely be worthwhile for improving your everyday life. Their innovative sound filtering technology really does make an incredible difference compared to ordinary earplugs.

So be sure to carefully evaluate your personal needs and priorities before deciding if premium earplugs like Loop are worth allocating part of your budget towards. In many cases, for those with sensory challenges, the answer is a resounding yes!

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