Are Loop Earplugs Bluetooth Compatible? This Might Surprise You

If you have heard about Loop earplugs, you may wonder whether they are Bluetooth-compatible. Generally, Loop earplugs are designed to reduce ambient noise without requiring batteries or Bluetooth connectivity.

Unlike traditional Bluetooth earbuds, which often rely on digital noise cancellation, Loop uses a unique system of mechanical filters and resonators to block out unwanted noise.

These little gadgets are certified as hearing protection devices, making them stand out among the crowd.
In this blog post, I’ll explain everything you need about the Loop earplug’s Bluetooth compatibility.

Key Takeaway:

Loop earplugs do not use Bluetooth; they rely on passive noise-reduction technology. They are entirely mechanical, offering noise reduction without electronic components.

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Are Loop Earplugs Bluetooth

Are Loop Earplugs Really Bluetooth Compatible?

No, Loop earplugs themselves do not use Bluetooth or any sort of wireless connectivity. Instead, they utilize a series of tiny mechanical filters and resonators to reduce background noise passively, without the need for batteries or charging.

I first came across Loop earplugs when a friend recommended them for blocking out distractions during work. As someone who gets easily distracted by ambient chatter and other noises, I was intrigued.

But I already had a pair of Bluetooth earbuds that I used to listen to music and take calls. So my first question was – can these Loop earplugs connect wirelessly via Bluetooth? Or would I have to alternate between my Bluetooth earbuds and the Loop earplugs?

After doing some research, I realized that Loop earplugs do not contain any electronic components at all. There are no microphones, speakers, batteries, or Bluetooth chips inside.

Instead, they use a series of advanced mechanical filters made of polycarbonate to reduce noise across different frequencies – from traffic to chatter to aeroplane engine rumbles. This gives them certified noise reduction ratings between 17 to 32 decibels while maintaining sound quality, unlike just stuffing cotton in your ears.

The lack of batteries and Bluetooth connectivity sets them apart from popular true wireless Bluetooth earbuds like Airpods that rely on electronic active noise cancellation (ANC) to digitally block external noise.

While ANC can be effective, it relies on microphones and algorithms that aren’t always perfect. In contrast, Loop’s passive mechanical approach works consistently in a variety of environments. ANC also requires frequent charging, while Loop earplugs are always ready whenever you need them.

Using Loop Earplugs with Bluetooth Headsets

Using Loop Earplugs with Bluetooth Headsets

While Loop earplugs themselves don’t have Bluetooth, some users pair them with separate Bluetooth bone conduction headsets.

Bone conduction headsets transmit audio via vibrations against your cheek rather than directly into the ear canal. This allows you to simultaneously wear the Loop earplugs for protection and noise reduction while still being able to listen to music or take calls through the headset.

So, in essence, you get the “best of both worlds” – external noise blocking from the Loop earplugs and wireless connectivity from the Bluetooth headset.

I tried this myself by using my Loop earplugs with an Aftershokz bone conduction headset, and it worked quite well. I could enjoy my music and podcasts without removing the Loop earplugs whenever I wanted to block out ambient noise.

So, in summary, while Loop earplugs themselves rely purely on passive mechanical noise filtering without Bluetooth, you can absolutely use them alongside wireless bone conduction headsets to get both noise protection and connectivity.


Loop earplugs utilize advanced mechanical acoustic filters to consistently reduce ambient noise across frequencies while maintaining sound quality and awareness. They do not require batteries or Bluetooth connectivity to function. This sets them apart from active noise-cancelling Bluetooth earbuds that need frequent recharging.

Some users pair Loop earplugs with bone-conducting Bluetooth headsets to wirelessly stream audio while benefiting from the consistent passive noise blocking. But the Loop earplugs themselves rely entirely on mechanical filtering without any electronics inside.

So, if you ever come across Loop earplugs and wonder if they can connect to your phone like Bluetooth earbuds, the answer is no. But that doesn’t limit their effectiveness at blocking real-world noise!

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