Which Loop Earplugs Block the Most Noise?

Discover the Best Noise-Blocking Loop Earplugs for Ultimate Sound Reduction

In this blog post, we will dig into the different types of Loop earplugs and explore which ones provide the highest noise reduction. We’ll compare the technical specifications between models and examine real-world user reviews to determine the best option for blocking unwanted sounds. 

Whether you’re trying to get a good night’s sleep, focus while studying, or protect your hearing at loud events, effective earplugs can make all the difference. Read on as we break down the noise-blocking capabilities of Loop’s product lineup.

Key Takeaways

  • The Loop Quiet earplugs block the most noise of any Loop earplugs, reducing sound by up to 26 decibels.
  • Loop Quiet utilizes patented QuietPoint sound filtering technology to muffle disruptive noises across a broad frequency range.
  • With an NRR of 22 decibels, Loop Experience Pro earplugs also provide significant noise reduction and audio clarity.
  • For affordable hearing protection on a budget, the standard Loop Earplugs block almost as much sound as the more advanced models.

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Which Loop Earplugs Offer the Best Noise Reduction

Which Loop Earplugs Offer the Best Noise Reduction?

When researching the technical specifications of Loop’s earplug models, the Loop Quiet stands out as offering superior noise-blocking capabilities. These high-fidelity earplugs have an SNR (Single Number Rating) of 26 decibels, meaning they reduce environmental sound exposure by up to 26 dB.

To put this in perspective, 26 dB of attenuation turns the volume down considerably – almost to a whisper; sounds like heavy traffic, loud music, barking dogs, and rowdy neighbours become much quieter and less irritating. The resulting hush lets you relax, fall asleep faster and stay asleep through the night.

In comparison, most basic foam earplugs sold in pharmacies typically only provide an NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) of 29-33 dB. So the Loop Quiet earplugs offer nearly as much dampening as industrial strength defenders but with the added benefit of maintaining audio fidelity.

This is thanks to the proprietary QuietPoint sound filters inside each earplug. These innovative attenuators utilize a series of mesh screens to block noise across a broad spectrum of frequencies. This allows loud, disruptive noises to be muted while still allowing lower-decibel sounds like voices and music to pass through clearly.

How Loop's Other Earplugs Compare on Noise Reduction

How Loop’s Other Earplugs Compare on Noise Reduction

While the Loop Quiet model tops the lineup for noise blocking, the company’s other earplugs also deliver respectable audio dampening:

Loop Experience Plus Earplugs

With up to 18 dB (SNR) of noise reduction and an extra 5 dB of noise reduction when used with a Loop Mute accessory. These high-fidelity earplugs significantly reduce environmental noise while preserving sound quality. The triple dome tips seal the ear canal comfortably while the filters balance noise blocking and audio transparency.

Loop Experience Earplugs

The standard Loop Experience Earplugs provide a Noise Reduction Rating of 18 decibels. While not as strong as the Quiet or Pro versions, these affordable earplugs still block over 85% of harmful loud noises.

Loop Switch Earplugs 

With Loop Switch, you may select from three noise reduction settings and get the most of Loop’s hearing protection technology all in one package. By choosing the Engage option, you can cut the level by 17 dB (SNR), reducing background noise while preserving the clarity of surrounding sounds. 

To reduce loudness by 21 dB (SNR) without compromising audio clarity, switch to Experience mode. To lower sounds by 25 dB (SNR), choose Quiet mode. This is ideal for meditation, profound concentration, or just pausing.

Loop Quiet Earplugs

More than any other Loop earplug, Loop Quiet decreases noise by up to 26.2 dB (SNR) / 14 dB (NRR). With unparalleled comfort both throughout the day and at night, Loop Quiet, which is made of flexible silicone, is excellent for increasing attention, sleep quality, and general noise sensitivity. It has an adjustable ear tip size for a perfectly personalised fit, is reusable, and is simple to clean.

Loop Engage Earplugs

Loop Engage maintains speech clarity while reducing noise by as much as 16 dB. Loop Engage is the only Loop earplug that maintains your voice sounding normal throughout talks because of its special acoustic channel and filter combination. For this reason, it’s excellent for social events, coworking, parenting, and general noise sensitivity.

Loop Engage Plus Earplugs

Up to 16 dB of noise reduction is possible with Loop Engage Plus while maintaining intelligible communication. An extra 5 dB of noise control can be added as needed with the Loop Mute accessory that is provided.

Loop Engage earplugs are ideal for social events, co-working, parenting, and general noise sensitivity because of their special acoustic channel and filter combination, which keeps your voice sounding natural during discussions.

Loop Engage Kids Earplugs

With Loop Engage Kids, kids can concentrate on being kids by utilising a developed filter and patented acoustic channel that provides between 16 dB (SNR) / 10 dB (NRR). For children aged 6 to 12, Loop Engage Kids is safe to use.

To lower the danger of choking, children under the age of three should not be exposed to any Loop products.

So, in terms of outright noise blocking, the technical data shows the Loop Quiet earplugs as the clear winner. But ultimately, the ideal pair comes down to your specific needs and preferences around sound dampening versus audio clarity.

Firsthand Reviews Confirm Loop Quiet Earplugs Excel at Blocking Noise

Looking beyond the specs sheets to real-world user reviews, the consensus agrees that Loop Quiet earplugs deliver unmatched noise reduction.

Here is some firsthand praise of the Quiet’s excellent dampening abilities:

“I have tried many types of earplugs, but none block noise out as well as Loop Quiet for me. They lower the volume around me just enough for me to fall asleep.”

“These earplugs are amazing…I sleep with them in every night. I literally hear nothing – which is exactly what I want and need. These make me sleep so soundly.”

“Loop Quiet earplugs are the best I’ve tried for blocking noise to help me sleep…They muffle all the little noises that used to wake me up.”

“I can’t believe how well these work for blocking noise. They exceeded my expectations. I now get much better sleep thanks to them.”

It’s clear from these reviews that the Loop Quiet earplugs deliver impressive noise dampening that makes a noticeable difference in sleep quality. Users report the QuietPoint sound filters to provide unrivalled muffling of disruptive noises that tend to prevent deep, restorative rest.

Whether it’s a snoring partner, early morning songbirds, or nearby traffic, the Loop Quiet earplugs allow you to tune out these sleep thieves and finally get some peace and quiet. No wonder they have become a top choice for improving slumber.


If you struggle with getting adequate shut-eye due to a noisy environment, Loop Quiet earplugs should be your first choice. With an industry-leading 26 decibels of noise reduction, they outperform all other Loop models at blocking unwanted sounds.

The built-in QuietPoint attenuators effectively mute common sleep distractions like voices, dogs, TVs, music and traffic. This allows you to relax into uninterrupted slumber to feel well-rested come morning.

While priced higher than basic foam earplugs, Loop Quiet delivers active noise cancelling on par with more expensive electronic devices. Ultimately, the investment pays for itself in improved daily performance, focus, mood and overall well-being.

So don’t let excessive noise continue sabotaging your sleep. Equip yourself with Loop Quiet earplugs and enjoy nights of blissful silence.

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