Revolutionary Partnership: OpenAI Joins Forces with Figure to Create Humanoid Robots, Securing Major Investment

In a groundbreaking development, OpenAI, the creators of ChatGPT, has embarked on an ambitious venture to integrate its cutting-edge artificial intelligence into humanoid robots.

This initiative comes to life through a strategic alliance with the robotics startup Figure, based in Sunnyvale, California. Announced on Thursday, this partnership not only marks a significant step forward in robotics but also secured a whopping $675 million in venture capital.

This impressive round of funding boasts contributions from tech moguls, including Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Microsoft, Nvidia, and the investment arms of Intel and OpenAI.

Despite being a relatively new player in the field, with less than two years under its belt and yet to launch a commercial product, Figure has successfully captivated the tech world. It aims to revolutionize the market by deploying billions of humanoid robots into workplaces and homes globally.

Brett Adcock, Figure’s CEO, highlighted the vast potential for humanoid robots to take on tasks humans are reluctant to do, given the global shortage of human labour. He envisions the sale of millions, perhaps even billions, of these robots.

For OpenAI, this partnership represents a strategic pivot back towards robotics, complementing its expertise in AI and machine learning models like ChatGPT. Peter Welinder, OpenAI’s Vice President of Product and Partnerships, expressed enthusiasm about the myriad ways these robots could assist in daily life, ushering in a new era of robotic help.

The collaboration aims to leverage OpenAI’s prowess in AI, including its GPT language models, DALL-E image generator, and the new Sora video generator, to enhance Figure’s robots. This technological synergy is expected to fast-track Figure’s entry into the market, enabling their robots to understand and process language, thereby enriching their functionality.

Figure’s announcement earlier this year of a partnership with BMW to employ its robots in a South Carolina car plant underscores the practical applications of this technology, though details on their deployment remain under wraps.

The debate over the effectiveness of humanoid robots versus more traditional robotic forms persists within the robotics community. While humanoid robots offer a relatable and conversation-starting presence, they present significant engineering challenges, often making non-humanoid alternatives more appealing for immediate practical applications.

Toronto-based venture capitalist Whitney Rockley of McRock Capital, while recognizing the allure of humanoid robots, cautions about the technical hurdles and the lengthy timeline required for their widespread adoption.

OpenAI’s CEO, Sam Altman, in a recent dialogue with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, hinted at the complexities OpenAI faced in its initial foray into robotics, emphasizing the need for a solid foundation in intelligence and cognition before tackling the physical aspects of robotics.

This collaboration between OpenAI and Figure, backed by some of the tech industry’s heavyweights, signals a bold step into the future of humanoid robotics, setting the stage for transformative changes in how robots are perceived and utilized in society.


The partnership between OpenAI and Figure represents a visionary leap towards the future, blending AI’s cognitive capabilities with the tangible, everyday applications of robotics.

This venture not only showcases the potential of AI in enhancing robotic functionalities but also underscores a significant shift in the tech industry’s approach to solving real-world problems.

As these humanoid robots evolve, they promise to redefine our interaction with technology, making the future of AI and robotics not just a matter of automation but of integration into the fabric of daily life.

Could this be the dawn of a new era where humanoid robots become an integral part of our workforce and homes, bridging the gap between human intelligence and artificial intellect?

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