How Long Does the Tapo C100 Store Video Footage?

In this blog post, we will take an in-depth look at the video storage capacity of the Tapo C100 home security camera. We’ll examine the different storage options available, including cloud and local storage, and provide details on how much footage can be stored and for how long. Whether you’re considering the Tapo C100 or already have one set up, this post will give you a clear understanding of its video storage abilities.

Key Takeaways

  • The Tapo C100 offers both cloud and local microSD card storage for recordings.
  • Local storage depends on SD card size – up to 384 hours estimated on a 128GB card.
  • Cloud storage via Tapo Care is limited to 30 days
  • Continuous recording requires the camera to stay powered on
  • Privacy mode disables recording when enabled.

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How much video footage can the Tapo C100 store

How much video footage can the Tapo C100 store?

The Tapo C100 has two options for storing the video footage it records: locally to a microSD card inserted into the camera or to the cloud via the optional Tapo Care service.

Local Storage

For local storage, the camera relies on a microSD card that must be purchased separately. The C100 supports cards up to 128GB in size. With a 128GB card installed, TP-Link estimates the C100 can record for 384 hours, which is 16 days of continuous 24/7 recording. This is likely a best-case estimate under ideal “laboratory conditions” though.

Real-world recording capacity can vary substantially depending on motion frequency, lighting conditions, and video quality settings. More motion and higher quality equals larger video files, taking up space faster. So, that 384-hour figure should be considered an upper limit.

You can use the Tapo app to check how much free space remains on the inserted SD card. When the card fills up, the C100 will automatically overwrite the oldest footage first. So it can continuously record 24/7, with the available timeframe depending on the SD card size.

Cloud Storage

For storing footage in the cloud rather than just locally, the Tapo C100 works with Tapo’s cloud storage service called Tapo Care. This provides up to 30 days of cloud video storage per camera.

With a Tapo Care subscription, the C100 uploads clips to the cloud anytime motion or sound is detected. The cloud clips are stored for 30 days before being deleted automatically. You can download clips to your phone or other devices as needed during that 30-day period.

So, in summary, with local storage duration depends on SD card capacity, while cloud storage is a fixed 30 days per camera.

Recording Requirements

There are a couple of requirements to keep in mind for the Tapo C100’s continuous recording features:

Power – The camera needs to stay powered on to actively record either to the cloud or SD card. If the camera loses power, it can’t record. Using a UPS backup power source is recommended to keep it online 24/7.

Privacy Mode – The C100 has a privacy mode feature, which temporarily stops recording when enabled. So, footage won’t be saved locally or to the cloud while privacy mode is active.

As long as those two factors are addressed, the Tapo C100 can record continuously based on the storage capacities mentioned earlier.

How does the Tapo C100_s storage compare

How does the Tapo C100’s storage compare?

Compared to other entry-level WiFi home security cameras, the Tapo C100 has pretty generous storage potential:

  • Cloud storage is average at 30 days included. Some competitors offer more, some offer less.
  • Local microSD storage capacity is excellent, with the 384-hour estimate on a 128GB card being enough for most users’ needs.
  • Many budget cameras lack any cloud storage option at all.

So overall, the C100 hits a nice sweet spot of offering both ample local and cloud storage, covering both short and long-term recording needs. The local storage, in particular, outpaces most competitors in its price range. And cloud storage is a bonus for accessing clips remotely.

Final Thoughts

Getting an accurate idea of how the Tapo C100 stores its video recordings clears up what kind of footage capabilities you can expect. The camera provides both local and cloud recording options that combine to enable reliable 24/7 continuous coverage with flexible access to your footage both locally and remotely.

Compared to other entry-level WiFi cameras limited to just local storage, the C100 stands out with its generous SD card capacity and the addition of 30 days of cloud backup. For the price, it delivers excellent storage potential for your home security needs.

I hope this detailed overview gives you a better understanding of what to expect from the Tapo C100’s video storage capacities! Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions.

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