Is 500Mbps Good For Playing Gaming

Is 500Mbps Good For Gaming?

Having a good internet connection is important for anyone who wants to enjoy a smooth online gaming experience. But what exactly does a good connection entail? In order to have a lag-free gaming experience, you should aim for an internet …

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Do Logitech Webcams Work with PS5_

Do Logitech Webcams Work with PS5?

Logitech is a very reputable brand, and they produce a lot of quality webcams for a variety of uses. Whether it is for zoom calls or streaming games, online Logitech has a camera for every need. However, the thing that …

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Is Intel Core i5 2400 Good For Gaming_

Is Intel Core i5 2400 Good For Gaming?

Talking from my personal experience, one thing I know about the Intel Core i5 2400 processor is that it’s an energy-efficient processor. And it delivers quick performance with its high-performance built-in graphics and media features.  In this article, I will …

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Is Intel Core i5 8th Gen Good For Gaming_

Is Intel Core i5 8th Gen Good For Gaming?

If you are looking for a cost-effective processor that affords you multi-threaded performance and an excellent clock speed, then the Intel Core i5 8th generation processors are a strong option. The processors are as fast as the Intel Core i7 …

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Is Core i5 3rd gen Good for Gaming_

Is Core i5 3rd Gen Good for Gaming?

The Core i5 3rd gen processor is a powerful processor that offers great performance for a variety of tasks. It has a decent base clock speed that is good enough for most tasks and can be overclocked for even better …

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Is Dell XPS 13 9310 good for gaming_

Is Dell XPS 13 9310 Laptop Good For Gaming?

The Dell XPS 13 9310 laptop introduced in September 2020 is a thin and light laptop packed with key specifications like an 11th generation Intel processor, a screen display size of 13.4inches with an OLED touch display that gives users …

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