Meet Your New Assistant: Introducing Meta AI with Llama 3 Technology

Meta AI, enhanced with the latest Llama 3 model, emerges as potentially the smartest free AI assistant now available globally. This tool integrates seamlessly across Meta platforms, assisting with tasks from meal planning to studying.

What’s New? 

Meta AI now supports functionalities in various formats like feeds, chats, and search options within the same app, enhancing user convenience significantly by providing immediate access to information.

Improved Visual Features 

The ability to generate images instantaneously as you type has been introduced, aiding in creating visual content such as album covers, animated GIFs, and more decor ideas swiftly.

Global Accessibility 

First unveiled at last year’s Connect conference, Meta AI has now expanded its reach beyond the US, supporting English in over a dozen countries, including Australia, Canada, and several African nations.

Utilize Meta AI for Everyday Tasks 

Whether it’s planning an evening out or moving to a new apartment, Meta AI is ready to assist with a variety of tasks. Now accessible through the new website, it provides help with educational content, professional emails, and more.

Seamless Integration Across Apps 

Meta AI is now available directly within the search functions of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger, allowing users to gather information without switching applications.

Innovative Image Generation 

Meta AI’s upgraded ‘Imagine’ feature now operates faster and produces higher-quality images that can be modified in real-time, enhancing creative projects with ease.

Introducing Meta AI with Llama 3 Technology

Exciting Updates and Expansions 

The updated Meta AI will not only be more intuitive but also available on various devices including Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses and potentially on Meta Quest in the future.


The advancement of Meta AI with Llama 3 technology marks a significant step in AI accessibility and functionality. By integrating this technology across multiple platforms and devices, Meta aims to make everyday tasks easier while also sparking user creativity. The ability to generate and modify images on-the-fly, in particular, could revolutionize how we interact with digital content.

As Meta AI continues to evolve and expand its features, it promises to significantly enhance user engagement and creativity across its platforms. How will these advancements change the way we interact with technology in our daily lives?

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