Blackberry Key 2 Smartphone Review and Buying Guide

If you were around during the reign of the Blackberry bold, you would understand the hype around the Blackberry key 2. 

Blackberry places us in nostalgia heaven with its QWERTY keyboard that gives us; the Blackberry purist a chance to reminisce about the good old days and takes it even a step higher from the previously released Blackberry key 1 with this new Blackberry key 2.

Blackberry Key 2 Smartphone Review


The BlackBerryKeyy 2 has a Corning GorillaGlasss 3 glass front, a plastic back in a 7000 series aluminium frame, and a hybrid dual sim tray. It also comes with a physical keyboard, and the QWERTY keyboard was modelled after the one on the BlackBerry Bold 9900. 

The keyboard is considerably lighter than how they look, and they bounce around your fingers, which makes typing easier. The BlackBerry Key 2 has a fingerprint sensor that shares space with the space bar.


  The display type is an IPS LCD with 1080 x 1620 pixels and a 3:2 ratio.

Blackberry Key 2 Smartphone


The software of the BlackBerry key 2 is much faster than the BlackBerry key 1 so you can simultaneously use different apps at the same time, and the BlackBerry key 2 does not lag behind. 

A good trick is to disable some features that you keep online to make your mileage fast. The Keyboards on the BlackBerry key 2 also act as a trackpad for scrolling. 

The BlackBerry Key 2 is not suitable for those that like typing with one hand while using their phone. Let’s face it; it would be quite difficult to type on a phone keypad with one hand.

Even if you use the new speed keys, you still need one hand to press the app shortcut and another to click the toggle. 

You can use the fingerprint to get into the Locker app. Also, when you tap on the fingerprint sensor when you are in the camera, it can take secret photos and send them to your secret locker.

Blackberry Key 2 Smartphone Buying Guide

Battery life

The battery life is solid, and even on your heaviest day, you would still get enough screen time before the power goes down.


The privacy feature is still top-tier; you can just swipe down with three fingers to give yourself a little peephole so you can read sensitive documents in public without strangers peeking. 

You can also use the Redactor to blank out areas on your phone screen or information in your documents that are personal to you.

You have a protected enclave on the BlackBerry key 2 called the Locker to keep your sensitive documents. The Blackberry key 2 dual-camera array is fine; the scanner mode is useful to capture text on documents if you are a student. 

The selfie shooter and portrait mode is also good but not necessarily the best smartphone camera compared with other phones like Google’s Pixel 6 smartphone.

Blackberry Key 2 Smartphone Pros and Cons


  • The call quality on the Blackberry key2 is also really good and on a top tier level.
  • Trackpad.
  • Speed key.


  • The Blackberry features can be inconsistent with how it works with Android like the scrolling keyboard does not always work in some apps like PDF readers and on Netflix; it actually scrolls backwards.
  • The dim display makes it hard to read in the sun.

Buyer’s Guide

Here is a quick Blackberry Key 2’s buyer’s guide.

How much is the BlackBerry key 2

The Blackberry Key 2 is priced at 649, which is pretty high.

Is the BlackBerry key 2 worth buying?

The Blackberry key2 is effectively the only good phone with a physical keyboard. If you are a privacy-conscious person, the Security features are effective. 

The camera quality is also spot on, with nothing that really stands out. I would say if you want the nostalgic feel of using the Blackberry Bold 9900, then it is worth buying.


As a Blackberry keyboard lover, the Blackberry key2 physical keyboard might just be the number one thing standing out for me asides from its other features, and that alone is enough for me to love the Blackberry key2

However, if you are not a fan of physical keyboards on phones and are not too privacy-conscious like me, you might be better off with other smartphones like Apple’s iPhone 13, Google’s Pixel 6 and much more.

Blackberry Key 2 Smartphone Camera Quality


Is the Blackberry key 2 still available in the market?

The Blackberry Key 2 is not available to buy on all major phone shops, but you can still buy it from marketplaces like eBay and other selected stores.

Is it worth buying the Blackberry key 2?

The two major selling points for the Blackberry key 2 are the physical keyboard and privacy. This phone is one of the most highly rated phones for those who are privacy-conscious.

Is the Blackberry key 2 waterproof?

The Blackberry Key 2 is not waterproof or water-resistant. If you are looking for a waterproof phone, then you might be better off going for the Pixel 6 smartphone.

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