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A New Era Dawns: The Demise of Passwords

The age of passwords may soon be a thing of the past as tech giants, including Google, Apple, and Microsoft, have been working on a safer and more convenient alternative. Passwords, while still ubiquitous, can be frustrating to remember and pose security risks if they fall into the wrong hands.

Last year, in collaboration with FIDO Alliance, Apple, and Microsoft, Google announced its intentions to support passkeys on its platform as a more secure and user-friendly alternative to passwords.

As we approach World Password Day, Google has started rolling out support for passkeys across its accounts on all major platforms. These passkeys will serve as an additional sign-in option, complementing passwords and 2-Step Verification (2SV).

By next year’s World Password Day, it’s possible that passwords may become obsolete, eliminating the need to remember them altogether.

A New Way to Sign In: Passkeys

Passkeys present a novel approach to signing in to apps and websites, offering both enhanced security and ease of use compared to traditional passwords. Users will no longer need to rely on pet names, birthdays, or the notorious “password123.” Instead, passkeys enable users to access apps and sites similarly to unlocking their devices: through a fingerprint, face scan, or screen lock PIN. Passkeys also provide increased protection against online attacks such as phishing, making them more secure than alternatives like SMS one-time codes.

Over the past year, Google has been working on integrating passkey experiences into both Chrome and Android. Services like DocuSign, Kayak, PayPal, Shopify, and Yahoo! Japan have already adopted passkeys to streamline their users’ sign-in process. Starting May 03, 2023, Google Account users can also opt for a passwordless sign-in experience using passkeys.

Introducing Passkeys for Google Accounts

Passkeys for Google Accounts are now available, and users can try them out at g.co/passkeys. The setup process is simple and straightforward.

For Google Workspace accounts, administrators will soon have the option to enable passkeys for their end-users during the sign-in process.


The transition to passkeys marks a significant milestone in digital security and user experience. Passwords have long been a weak link in the security chain, with users often creating easily guessable passwords or reusing them across multiple platforms. Passkeys have the potential to revolutionise the way we access our digital lives, providing a more secure and convenient method of authentication.

As with any new technology, the shift to passkeys will take time, and passwords and 2-Step Verification (2SV) will continue to be available for Google Accounts. However, this move signifies a clear intent from industry leaders to improve user security and convenience.

It will be interesting to see how other companies and industries adopt this technology and if passkeys truly spell the end of the era of passwords.

Reference and Source: Google’s Blog.

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