Salesforce Launches New AI Tools to Help Doctors

Salesforce revealed new artificial intelligence and data technologies on Thursday that may help reduce the heavy administrative responsibilities of healthcare professionals.

What are the New Tools, and What Do They Do?

Salesforce has just announced the launch of its new product, Einstein Copilot: Health Actions. This game-changing tool will revolutionise the way medical professionals handle their tasks, allowing them to effortlessly schedule appointments, compile patient data, and send referrals using simple conversational language that prompts AI. 

That’s not all! Salesforce has also unveiled Assessment Generation, a groundbreaking feature that will enable businesses to effortlessly digitise health assessments, such as surveys, without the need for any manual typing or coding. 

These innovative solutions are built on Salesforce’s powerful Einstein 1 Platform, which allows health organizations to consolidate medical data from numerous sources, including electronic health records and insurance claims systems. 

With these cutting-edge advancements, health professionals can now streamline their workflows while ensuring that critical information is centralized and easily accessible. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual data entry and embrace the future of AI-powered healthcare with Salesforce’s groundbreaking offerings.

The Importance of These Tools for Doctors

Healthcare professionals often struggle with labour-intensive administrative duties like filing paperwork. Based on a recent CNBC post, it’s one of the main causes of physician burnout. The post revealed that 64% of doctors felt overburdened by administrative responsibilities, while over 90% of doctors reported experiencing burnout on a “regular basis.”

Healthcare data is often scattered across numerous databases and formats, adding to the clerical workload and making it more difficult and time-consuming for clinicians to locate the information they need.

For digital companies like Google, AWS, and Salesforce, which provide cloud-based customer relationship management solutions, this means that there is an increasing opportunity to harmonise data across healthcare systems. 

When will Salesforce be Available for Doctors to Use?

Salesforce states that physicians can now effortlessly create comprehensive patient summaries through Einstein Copilot: Health Actions, incorporating information on prescriptions, clinical care requests, diagnoses, and testing.

This eliminates the need for physicians to spend valuable time searching for each component individually, as AI generates the summary.

Furthermore, Salesforce announced that Einstein Copilot: Health Actions will be deployed by the end of the year, and its Assessment Generation tool will be widely available this summer. The company also declared that all features and functionalities of Einstein Copilot will be HIPAA-compliant by this summer.

News Source: CNBC, Salesforce.

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