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Nexus phone: Huawei’s Nexus device may be the first Google’s Nexus phone with 128GB

Nexus Phone: Huawei’s Nexus device will likely be the first Google’s Nexus phone with 128GB storage space.

Nexus phone

Huawei Technologies upcoming Nexus Phone could be the first Google smartphone to offer up to 128GB of internal storage space.
The technology company is back again to wow the Nexus fans with it’s new admiring innovation, and how they have recreated the Nexus smartphone.

With Google recently sending out invitations for their event on 29th of September, and where the company is expected to make announcements that include the unveiling of Huawei’s Nexus smartphone, which will likely be the first device to be running Google’s new operating system (Android 6.0 Marshmallow) on a 128GB storage space Nexus smartphone.

Creating more space and flexing their users with the ability to make them feel at home, and also keep them on the go, without panicking about the phone’s storage which could be a boundary of downloading files. the new Nexus phone is said to have more to offer than we have envisage.

Nevertheless, with the report given by our source, regarding a massive storage space of 128GB on the new Nexus device and that it is possible it comes with a microSD card! It can only get better with more exciting space which we all crave for on our smartphones.

Huawei seems to be working at it’s best by making people to be on a look out for its new Nexus device. The phone will be likely named Nexus 6P and will be available in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB respectively (according to sources).

As the year gradually counts down and we are all gearing up for the shopping season; great phone features are surely what shoppers are looking out for, but pricing is another big factor.

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