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Are Google Pixel Buds Good for Running?


The Google Pixel Buds is currently one of the wireless earbuds that are getting a lot of attention. A lot of people are curious as to how they perform and if they are good earbuds for running.

If you’re the kind of person that loves going to the gym regularly, then you would be acutely aware of the effect that music has on any gym session. Whether it is through a speaker or your headphones, music has a way of elevating any session and putting you in the mood to burn some calories. I know I can’t get a good workout session in if I don’t have my workout playlist set up.

For the longest time, I wasn’t comfortable working out with either my headphones or my Airpods. Either the foam around my headphones would begin to slide around my ears once I began to sweat, or one of the Airpods would fall out during my morning jogs. It was all becoming a bit frustrating having to reposition or put in the bud that fell out.

It wasn’t until a workout buddy suggested that I should buy the new Google Pixel buds because they used them for their workout sessions, and they had never experienced any of the things I complained about. If I hadn’t made the switch to the pixel buds, my morning jogs might have really suffered, or I might have just stopped.

So, if you’re like me and want to change your workout life for the better, then here’s what I found out when I started using the google pixel earbuds to run.

Are Google Pixel Buds Good for Running

Are Google Pixel Buds Good for Running?

The Google Pixel Buds are a great option for those who are looking for headphones to use while running. The buds provide a secure and comfortable fit, and the sound quality is excellent. You can also use the Pixel Buds to access Google Assistant, which can be helpful if you need to change up your music mid-run.

What makes the Google Pixel buds very distinct from most earbuds and what makes them very good for running and jogging has to be the addition of the wing tips on the side of the earbuds. They act as a sort of extra grip that prevents the earbuds from moving and bouncing out of your ears when you’re running.

 I think those wing tips are a big game changer for the pixel buds because they almost make the buds stick to your ears, and they make it easy for you to move or run around without any fear of them falling out. This, in turn, allows me to focus solely on my workout routine and gives me a chance to get the most out of any session.

Another thing that makes pixel buds good for running and jogging is their unique and distinctive design. Aside from the wing tips on the edges of both earbuds, the earbuds themselves are designed to be passive noise cancellers, and that means the only way they can cancel out noise is by creating an air-tight seal with your ears to make it so that they can disrupt the flow of sound coming into your ears. So that makes them very hard to knock out of your ears, except if you wanted to knock them out intentionally, then I’m sure you could, although I’m sure they wouldn’t come off without a fight. They also have an IPX4 water protection rating which stops them from falling out of your ears when there is a build-up of sweat in there.

I think this is what separates the Pixel buds from some of their other rivals, especially the Airpods, which aren’t actually made with gym and workout enthusiasts in mind because they always seem to slide out of my ears once I start to run around a little. The same goes for the Samsung galaxy buds; they all just seem to slide or fall out when you hit the sweet spot when you begin to gym.

What are the Features and Specs found on the Google Pixel Buds

What are the Features and Specs found on the Google Pixel Buds

Bluetooth 5.0Earbuds have an IPX4 water protection rating
Custom-designed 12mm dynamic driversCase has an IPX2 water protection rating
Volume EQPassive Noise Cancellation
Charging Case is USB-C Qi CertifiedIR proximity Sensor for in-ear detection to play and pause automatically
Three microphonesMotion-detecting accelerometer and gyroscope
Wind Blocking Mesh Covers 

Are the Pixel Buds Comfortable?

The Pixel Buds are super lightweight and are very comfortable to wear for long periods, they are smooth and sleek to the touch, and they have very soft ear tips that come in three different sizes so you can get the best fit depending on your ear hole, size and shape.

Did you know that google had scanned over a thousand people’s ears just to come up with the perfect ear fit? They were also designed to be the perfect workout companion, which is why they have an IPX4 water protection rating. This is what stops them from falling out of your ears when you begin to sweat during an intense workout session.

I found the Pixel buds to be very comfortable, and they weren’t obtrusive, the ear tips didn’t poke my ears, and they fit perfectly into my ears without any hassle. At some point, I forgot they were even in my ears, and it was almost like they weren’t even there. I got the feeling that Google designed them to mesh perfectly with your ears and give you the feeling of serenity when they were in, and I was very impressed with how comfortable and lightweight they were.

In terms of comfort, I feel the Pixel buds might just edge out the Airpods, the Airpods are very comfortable, but they always made me know they were there. Either they pricked my ears a little when I put them in, or after a bit of time, they began to put a little bit of pressure on my ear lobes, and I had to take them off. However, I never felt such discomfort or pressure when I was using the Pixel Buds; they were the perfect example of what earbuds should feel like they weren’t even there.

What are the Pros and Cons of Using the Pixel Buds

What are the Pros and Cons of Using the Pixel Buds

Improved SoundLimited Battery Life
Multipoint SupportMic Quality could be better
No Frequent drops in AudioNo Active Noise Cancelation
Quick charge is quite fast 

How Long Does the Battery Last on the Pixel Buds?

The Pixel Buds last about 5hrs on a single charge which is quite poor to see if I’m being honest, but it does make up for it with the charging case, which does take it up to about 24hrs, which is good but not great. However, it does support fast charging, which gives you about 1 hour of playtime from only 10mins of charge, which is very impressive, by the way.

What is the Sound Quality Like on the Pixel Buds_

What is the Sound Quality Like on the Pixel Buds?

The sound quality on the Pixel buds is actually quite impressive, and that is very important because any earbud can have all the features in the world, and all of that is useful, but the most important thing everyone looks for in a pair of earbuds is the sound quality. That is why Airpods are still flying off the shelves and why most people won’t even look at some other brands. It’s because they can trust that apple will always provide a very good listening experience, and the Pixel buds don’t fall short in this department.

I was quite impressed with the level of detail that the Google Pixel Buds could produce, and it was very impressive to hear the level of quality I got from these earbuds. I think what gives the pixel buds the advantage over some other earbuds is their 12mm drivers, which provide an incredible and well-balanced audio experience for the listener. They almost engulf you with a body of sound that could only explain as intense.

However, it is not all perfect, as the Pixel Buds have a slight drawback that I couldn’t look past, and that is in its bass. The bass on the Pixel Buds lacked the necessary weight and attitude you would usually from the more premium headphones. It’s not like the bass was none existent, but it wasn’t as punchy as I had hoped for, so I felt a big letdown on the songs that were very bass intensive, especially the rap songs. However, the drivers delivered when I played more of the less bass-heavy pop songs, but this wasn’t a deal breaker for me.

However, this is where I think the Airpods just have the advantage on the Pixel Buds, but the gap between the two earbuds isn’t extremely wide, and I think it is something the guys at Google can work on and improve upon.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Google Pixel Buds are a good fit for running or any other type of intense workout in terms of ear comfort and sound quality. They manage to stay snug and comfortable in your ear, and the sound quality is detailed and impressive.

Also, based on durability, I would say that these earbuds are among the top best truly wireless earbuds available on the market right now. They can definitely withstand a lot of wear and tear.

The water resistance and fast charging were also quite impressive, and I didn’t believe they would last as long as they did.

However, I still think the team at Google have their work cut out for them if they want to claim to spot as the number one earbud on the market, but they aren’t too far behind the competition. These are easily the best earbuds I have worked out with, and they are easily the best mid-range earbuds available on the market right now.

 I hope you found this article informative. If you have any questions or comments, please drop them down in the comments section below. Thanks for reading.

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