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Apple iPhone 6S: The Next Big Thing To Be Unveil

Apple iPhone 6s and 6s-plus are to be unveiled at Apple’s annual event in California.


As Apple Inc. is warming up for one of its biggest events on the tech calendar; the Apple annual iPhone event in San Francisco (California) is for sure the major event to watch out for this week.
However, as the tech giant is set to make several new announcements this Wednesday, there is no doubt that the announcement is expected to be much bigger than its usual yearly event.


However, we do know that Apple normally holds an event like this every year at around this time of the year with the expectation of new iPhones or iPhones. The Apple iPhone 6S and 6S-Plus are the much-anticipated product in this year’s event. It is also highly likely that Apple may unveil its long-awaited new Apple TV.

With Apple’s usual secretive manner; little or none has been publicly announced by the company. Although, the company sent out invitations about its event in August; confirming the scheduled date of the event in San Francisco for September 9.

The new expected Apple iPhone 6s and 6s-Plus are likely to only have minor changes in the designs. The iPhones will likely arrive with 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch display screens respectively.

However, according to a recent suggestion; both handsets will likely support higher resolutions and pixel densities.

There are possibilities of a likely upgrade to the iPhone’s touch-screen which will allow new gestures for selections in the menu options. Apple fans are expecting the company to add the “Force Touch” technology to its newly expected iPhone 6s and 6s-plus.

However, Apple is expected to introduce a couple of new features that will put the iPhones in heart of consumers, and at a better edge than Samsung’s newly released phones. The Apple iPhone 6s and 6s-Plus are likely to have a more advanced camera than expected.
Although the advanced camera is expected to be included in the possible “iPhone 7”. But, according to our source; Apple is more likely planning the “iPhone 7” for 2016, which will likely be thinner and with many more features.

As it stands and with all kinds of rumours out ahead of the release date, there is no doubt that Apple will amaze the world again with the expected Apple iPhone 6s and 6s-Plus coming this Wednesday if unveiled.

As Wiki once described Apple as the world’s largest technology company by total assets. And truly with its innovative nature, it’s highly likely to hold the crown longer.

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