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Google Improves Gmail Security with more Encryption and more Notifications.


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Google has announced a more robust move to improve Gmail security with more Encryption and more Notifications.
Google recently made this announcement through a post on the official Google Security blog.

The Tech Giant revealed that it has improved the overall security of its Gmail by providing more information to users on what is happening with their accounts; a variety of new protections that will help keep Gmail users even safer and promote email security best practices across the Internet.

Gmail has always been notifying users of possible state-sponsored hacking attempts since 2012, with the warning appearing mainly as a bar on top of the Gmail website (as shown in the image below). Although, Google said that only less than 0.1 percent of users have actually received the warnings so far.

Goolge Gmail old warning
Image: Google Gmail.

According to Google’s new improvement on Gmail security; one of the new features coming to Gmail is a full-page warning that would alert users if Google suspects that they are being targeted by the government (as shown in the image below).

Google Gmail new warning
Image: Goolge Gmail.

The new full-page warning, which could replace or be shown in addition to the previous kind of notification, will states more details on the likelihood or possibility that the government is targeting the user’s account.

According to Google statement; “This year, we introduced a new visual element to Gmail that lets users know when they’ve received a message that wasn’t delivered using encryption or if they’re composing a message to a recipient whose email service doesn’t support TLS encryption.”

With this new improvement of Gmail security; there is no doubt that it will surely boost Google’s integrity in the aspect of user’s privacy concerns.

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