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How Rugged is the Garmin Instinct Outdoor Smartwatch?


Constructed to U.S Military Standard, the Germain Instinct outdoor smartwatch is a lightweight rugged GPS watch specially designed to resist the toughest environments. 

Does the Garmin instinct have a touch screen

It is made up of fibre-reinforced polymer to make it resistant to scratching and the lens is made up of chemically strengthened glass. 

With a resolution of 128 x 128 pixels, this smartwatch comes in Monochrome, sunlight-visible and a transflective memory in pixel (MIP) display. 

The Garmin Instinct Smartwatch is designed with thermal, shock and water resistance. It comes in flame-red, sunburst, tundra, seafoam and other graphite colours. It is compatible with Android and iPhones.

How Rugged is the Garmin Instinct Outdoor Smartwatch

Is Garmin instinct worth buying?

Certain factors should be considered to help determine if the Garmin Instinct Outdoor Smartwatch is worth buying. Major features of this smartwatch include: 

  • It is waterproof to the depth of 100 meters because it is designed to the US military standard 810.
  • The battery life lasts as long as 14 days in Smartwatch mode, 16 days in GPS mode and 40 days in the Ultra GPS mode, so depending on the mode your Smartwatch is set to, you are assured of long battery life.
  • Activity tracking is precise. It can be used for outdoor activities such as running, swimming and biking.
  • You get to view notifications on the watch display and you can reply to texts as well as answer or decline calls. Texts can only be replied to if the Smartwatch is connected to an android.
  • Heart rate variability is used to calculate your stress level score and determine if you are having a stressful, calm or balanced day.
  • With the aid of the Built-in Sports App, you can monitor all your activities
  • Increased optical heart rate technology measures the intensity of your fitness activities.
  • Multi GNSS Support: This feature of the Garmin Instinct Outdoor Smartwatch accesses multiple global satellite systems such as GPS, Galileo and GLONASS to track in more tough environments than just the GPS.
  • Great customization featuresWeighing around 52 grams with a 45mm casing makes the Garmin Instinct Outdoor Smartwatch lightweight and extremely comfortable to wear.

Can Garmin instinct answer phone calls?

When paired to an Android phone, the Garmin Instinct Smartwatch enables you not just to see notifications on the watch display, but also to respond to texts and answer or reject calls.

Does Garmin instinct have an oxygen sensor

Does the Garmin instinct have a touch screen?

The Garmin Instinct Outdoor Smartwatch comes without a touchscreen, however, it has 5 buttons that will help you navigate through your smartwatch.

Can I shower with Garmin instinct?

Since the Garmin Instinct is water-resistant, you can wear your Smartwatch in the shower.

Can Garmin instinct answer phone calls

Does Garmin instinct have an oxygen sensor?

The Garmin Instinct Outdoor smartwatch has a wrist-based pulse oximeter that measures the oxygen saturation in your blood. This helps to know how your body copes with stress and exercise. This smartwatch gauges your oxygen level by shining light into the skin in order to find out how much light is absorbed. It is referred to as SPo2. On your smartwatch, your pulse oximeter readings show as SPo2 percentage.

Can you read text messages on Garmin instinct?

Texts can be read directly on the Garmin Instinct when it is connected with your Smartphone. Based on the smartphone or application setting, the level of message detail seen can be modified when necessary.

What is the market price of Garmin instinct?

The Garmin Instinct Outdoor Smartwatch costs $299.99.

How long does it take the Garmin instinct to charge?

With a rechargeable lithium-ion battery type, the measured charge time for the Garmin Instinct Outdoor Smartwatch is 2 hours and 20 minutes (140minutes)

 When fully charged, the Smartwatch can last up to 14 days in Smartwatch mode, up to 16 hours in GPS mode and up to 60 hours in the Ultra Trac GPS mode.

Why does the battery of Garmin instinct always Drain so fast?

The battery of the Garmin Instinct Outdoor Smartwatch will drain fast if your Smartwatch’s Backlight is set at 100%. To make the battery last longer, turn off or completely reduce the backlight of your Garmin Instinct Smartwatch.


Conclusively, the Garmin Instinct Outdoor Smartwatch is a rugged Smartwatch because of the specifications it is made up of. With a simple up and down button, you will find your heart rate, phone notifications, weather, compass and events for the last 4 hours. 

It can be used for adventure purposes and the exploration of new activities. The inbuilt GPS and various other features make this smartwatch a great choice for sports enthusiasts.

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