Parrot Drones are truly value for money in the Drone industry

Parrot Drones is one of The World Leading Drone Companies.

Parrot Bebop Drone

Image: Parrot Bebop Drones

The French drone manufacturer is one of the world leading drone companies.
Parrot Drones specializes in technologies involving voice recognition and signal processing for embedded products and Drones. Continue reading

Amazon to lays-off engineers, and Curtails development of hardware

Amazon to lays-off engineers and cut hardware development after Fire phone flop.

Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon Fire Phone

There is no doubt that Amazon Inc. is struggling in the hardware market. And the cutbacks has reflects the company’s unusually cautious approach.

With the failed efforts to break into the smartphone space with the Amazon Fire handset last year, the company is said to be laying off engineers in the hardware unit responsible for the handset. Continue reading

Best Buy Tops Estimates; posts surprise increase in quarterly sales

Best Buy Tops Estimates, after posting a surprise increase in quarterly sales.
Best Buy Website

Best Buy Website

Best Buy Co. on Tuesday reported a better-than-expected increase in sales and profit in its second quarter, as sales of large-screen TVs and phones continued to drive sales growth.

The U.S. multinational consumer electronics corporation reported an unexpected increase in quarterly sales and said it expected consumer spending to remain strong this quarter. Continue reading

Sony plans to Offer Commercial Drone Services

Sony has indicated its plans to Offer Commercial Drone Services Starting 2016.


Photographer; Bloomberg

Sony Corp. plans to offer commercial drone services, mainly targeting the construction, logistics and agriculture industries from the first half of next year.

According to Source (Bloomberg): “The company’s Aerosense Inc. venture is making automated drones to capture high-definition images and transmit them to the cloud for analysis, Sony told reporters Monday in Tokyo. The jointly owned company with robotics firm ZMP Inc. expects sales to total about 10 billion yen by 2020, said Kotaro Sabe, Aerosense chief technology officer.” Continue reading

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