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Drones Commercial Use: Will Drones Commercial Use be part of your business’s future?


Drones Commercial Use is still quite an issue because it’s difficult to legally fly drone’s for commercial purposes in many countries including the US, although the US has recently been granting some companies special exemptions by their FAA, to fly mostly in the filming industry.

There are literally hundreds of ways where Drones can be very helpful to industries, which includes collecting imagery and providing actionable data to the end-users in different ways.

We have been reading lately about e-commerce giants like Amazon and Alibaba, in their moves to introduce drones as a means of delivering goods to consumers, at their doorsteps. Technology giants like Amazon and Alibaba are still companies currently at the forefront of the companies seeking government regulatory approval for such purposes.

Commercial Drones
Commercial Drones

There is no doubt that safety is one of the major challenges faced by the use of Drones for Commercial purposes.

But despite all concerns, there are various industries in that Drones can be an added advantage. Industries that we don’t commonly talk about, like Agriculture and mining industries. And also industries such as Oil and gas can take good advantage of the innovation for the purpose of pipeline inspections or more.

Drones Commercial Use can be surely used in many more ways that we’ve not mentioned, and with many more great opportunities.

Just in case you are interested, there are some events you can attend in other to educate yourself more about the Drone industry; events such as the Drone World Expo. And also, buying a recreational type of drone can be very useful to learn more about drones, and can be a good starting point for learning the rules of drones.

Reference: Click Here to read more about US FAA Exemptions

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