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What’s the Best WordPress Landing Page Plugin?




Many of us create websites using WordPress Landing Page just to sell products and services, which is why you need to pay complete attention on the quality and results that the entire experience brings to the table. And that’s where a good WordPress plugin comes into play, because it can help you in truly optimize the entire experience by delivering incredible results at all times.

Why is a landing page important?

Not only does a Landing Page deliver’s an outstanding result on conversion rate, leads generation, sales and SEO results for any site; but it also offers a great piece of information to users, which is what matters the most at the end of the day.

Another thing to keep in mind with a landing page is that you can also make people purchase your products if you use a good call to action and combine that with video as well as audio and image based content.

It’s all about having an optimized, high quality and professional Landing page, because if you do; the results will be amazing at all times and that’s what matters the most to begin with. Because a well focus, informative and good quality Landing Page will get you nothing less than a huge Return-On-Investment (ROI).


But the question here is; what’s the Best WordPress Landing Page Plugin?

There are lots of Landing Page builder out there in the market, but the reality is; there are only few good and outstanding WordPress Landing Page plugin in the market.

Remember; the key to any successful Landing Page is the level of its conversion rate; and a good conversion rate landing page means, a good ROI! That’s where landing page builder (plugin) like InstaBuilder comes-in to help; it’s definitely the cream of the crop.

Not only does InstaBuilder has a ton of unique features that we’ll talk about here; but it also brings in front an outstanding user experience, and it’s also created with quality and ease of use in mind which is what matters the most.

The new 2.0 version of InstaBuilder not only makes the plugin easier to use but it also manages to deliver an amazing set of useful features that help to take the user experience to a whole new level at all times.

Why InstaBuilder 2.0?

  1. InstaBuilder-2.0 comes with an outstanding user interface which makes it very easy to use. It’s suitable for any product launch or internet marketers use, and it also works great for those that are accustomed with UI management. The loading speed is very fast, the controls are slick and you do want that from a landing page.
  2. The ease of use makes InstaBuilder-2.0 truly customizable to begin with. Drag and drop is the ultimate way to make sure that you get what you like from the plugin and this way you can definitely modify the landing page whenever and however you want which is always a major plus.
  3. Mobile optimization is mandatory nowadays and InstaBuilder-2.0 does a great job in helping you make the landing page suitable for mobile users. That, combined with a very high quality user experience does make the outcome a lot more impressive.
  4. You also get a wide range of templates which are built in. Basically, you obtain a huge value to begin with so keep that in mind and the results will surely pay off.
  5. Text formatting is amazing with InstaBuilder-2.0. Not only that, but formatting content there is fast and easy to begin with and you don’t even need to have coding knowledge. It’s an amazing experience all around and one that does pay off quite nicely.
  6. Controlling everything is crucial and thanks to InstaBuilder-2.0 you surely have the ability to integrate whatever content you want. In the world of landing pages, this is a huge advantage so you will totally enjoy it!
  7. You can easily integrate all the elements you want and make a wonderful experience out of them. These can be edited if you so desire.
  8. Some unique marketing ideas are integrated in InstaBuilder-2.0, all you have to do is to give them a try as this is definitely what takes the experience to a new level. Make sure that you spend your time wisely and find the best marketing ideas to suit your needs, as that will surely pay off.
  9. The InstaBuilder-2.0 tool allows you to ask questions that help you generate leads and incredible results on the fly if you so desire.
  10. InstaBuilder-2.0 comes with a dedicated image editor that helps expand the user experience, all so that you can place your own spin on any images.
  11. Within this WordPress Landing Page plugin, you get graphic packs that help you offer your own set of ideas and quality at all times.
  12. The InstaBuilder-2.0 also integrates statistics related information that not only is it very powerful, but it also delivers a whole bunch of info to begin with.
  13. You can easily create variations of the same page if you want and the results are very fast.
  14. InstaBuilder-2.0 helps you to improve the overall value that your users receive from using your landing page.
  15. With InstaBuilder-2.0 you can create time delayed buttons that really help you generate more sales and leads.
  16. InstaBuilder-2.0 even integrates a countdown timer that will make people purchase your products until the special offers expire.
  17. You can also invite people to share your content and landing page online, something that leads to great conversion rates most of the time.
  18. Animations can provide you with a great ROI, and InstaBuilder-2.0 does actually integrate animations, something that really helps boost the user experience!
  19. You can use it to share and save HTML plus graphics.
  20. If needed, you can also use InstaBuilder-2.0 to publish to Facebook and other similar sites easily.
  21. InstaBuilder-2.0 is created with SEO in mind and that does help you boost the user experience. It even integrates Webinar support in case you want to offer that on your page and generate more leads.
  22. Duplicating pages is simple and you can do that right from the normal page easily.
  23. Organizing content is fast, easy and fun to do.
  24. Thanks to the integrated notification bars, you can easily share any type of info you want with your users, whenever you want to.
  25. The Sales Funnel is design for the golden age of Mobile; which makes the InstaBuilder-2.0 100% Responsive.
  26. The most interesting part of InstaBuilder-2.0 is the one-off yearly subscription of $77(no monthly fees), compared to the usual monthly pricey subscription from other landing page builder providers out there in the market.

As you can see, InstaBuilder-2.0 really is the ultimate WordPress landing page plugin for any online marketers using WordPress as a platform. And be rest assured that you will love the outcome for sure.

The InstaBuilder-2.0 is doing a great job when it comes to offering high quality, refined experiences and incredible features. If you need to take your online marketing sales funnel or user experience to a whole new level; all you have to do is to give InstaBuilder-2.0 a shot and you will not be disappointed while you’ll enjoy an outstanding WordPress Landing Page plugin!


Want to see InstaBuilder 2.0 in action? Watch This Video!

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