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Twitter First View will Prioritize tweets on your Timelines


Twitter First View; the update will Prioritize tweets with video ads and top tweets on your Timelines.         In hope of Twitter reviving itself from its recent downward trend; the San Francisco based company will be making two major changes to the way its user’s timeline appears ...

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Google’s Self-Driving Cars Likely on Public Roads Soon

Self-Driving Cars: All seems to be looking hopeful for Google’s Self-Driving Car, with a recent Legal breakthrough.   According to recent development; the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the body that sets rules and regulations on America’s roads has recently shared its thoughts in a letter to Google that was made public ...

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Facebook: India Blocks Zuckerberg’s Free Basics Internet Service

Facebook Setback: India’s Telecoms Regulator has Blocked Facebook’s Free Basics Internet Service App as part of a Ruling in Favour of Net Neutrality. It looks like the effort from Facebook founder (Mark Zuckerberg) to connect the world with his free internet project is currently facing some obstacles, after the company spent ...

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Google reportedly planning to release a VR-Headset this Year

Google may soon release a Virtual Reality Headset to replace its Cardboard VR this Year, and with full Android compatibility. There are some likely indications that Google maybe planning to release a more sophisticated VR-Headset (Virtual Reality product) this year (similar to Samsung’s Gear VR). With all indications, this will ...

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