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TAG Heuer Smart-watch; to launch its first android smart-watch in November


TAG Heuer; counting down on its first android wear smart-watch to be launch on 9th of November.

The Swiss watchmaker is now counting down on its first Android wear smart-watch release date. The company’s upcoming smartwatch will be unveiled on the 9th of November this year and will be the first luxury android smart-watch in the market.

According to the invites sent out by the company today; the android wear smart-watch will be launched at the LVMH Tower in New York City on the 9th of November.

The new TAG Heuer smart-watch is certainly a luxury product, and the expectation is currently high. Although, much is not known about the watch specifications, but a recent rumour confirmed that the TAG Heuer’s smart-watch will be called “Connected” and that the battery will last about 40-hours, which is more than Apple’s watch of 18-hours of battery life. Also, the smart-watch is likely to be based on the popular Tag Carrera and with a possible price tag of around $1,800.

It’s not certain on how the Swiss watchmaker plans to beat Apple in a market that is currently dominated by the tech giant (Apple) with its top of the range watches. There is no doubt that Apple watches are still the best smart-watches in the market for now. The truth is; only time will tell on who will lead in the growing smart-watch market that is becoming bigger by day.

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