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Rolls Royce Dawn: Luxury Taking To A New Level


Rolls-Royce has unveiled his new top of the range luxury convertible; Rolls Royce Dawn.

Rolls Royce Dawn
Rolls Royce Dawn

The luxury car-manufacture (Rolls-Royce) has unveiled his new Rolls Royce Dawn in a grand style. The luxury convertible that is currently acclaimed as the sexiest model in the luxury auto industry was unveiled through the social media.

The new Rolls Royce Dawn convertible was given a global digital launch today ahead of its appearance at next week’s Frankfurt Motor Show.

The new Dawn is equipped with a 6.6-liter, 12-cylinder engine with twin superchargers and an eight-speed transmission. The new ultra luxury Rolls Royce Dawn is said to be one of the quietest open-top ever made.

According to the information on Rolls Royce website;
Dawn offers the perfect balance of considered sophistication and true freedom. Designed to be shared, the interior is intensely welcoming: a sanctuary in motion. Four individual seats offer matchless comfort and an elegant, energetic aesthetic. Discover an exceptional space, tailored for the ultimate passenger experience.
Dawn’s interior is an effortless continuation of its exterior. Banks of leather create a soft line, fusing inside and out. The interior is also a destination in itself. Crafted from wood and leather, the cabin is indulgent. Roof up or down, Dawn wraps its passengers in comfort, providing a cosseting private haven and uplifting spaciousness.
The deck and rear are finished with handcrafted veneers that waterfall forward to meet the driver. Superior noise isolation, comparable to that enjoyed within a hardtop, lets you carry tranquillity with you. Dawn’s interior offers everything, except compromise.
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Currently Rolls-Royce is attracting the new group of buyers; the younger crowd. Although Rolls Royce brands are more popular among the wealthy male clients; but the company believes the new Rolls Royce Dawn will attract more of the wealthy female clients.


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