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Onvi Prophix Smart Toothbrush can Film inside of your Mouth




A pioneer in innovative dental technology company “Onvi”, has announced the launch of the first ever video toothbrush – Onvi Prophix Smart Toothbrush.

The forthcoming Prophix smart video toothbrush is expected to improve your brushing efficiency by showing you (on your phone) a live stream of the inside of your mouth while brushing.

Onvi Prophix Smart Toothbrush is quite different compared to other Smart Toothbrush out in the market; mainly because of the video camera attached to it.

So, how does the Onvi Prophix Smart Toothbrush work?

The camera shows you a view of the inside of your mouth when you are using the brush. It transmits the video to an app on your smartphone; which you can watch the video on your smartphone to see if you are hitting all the right spots in your mouth.

One of the cool features of the Smart Toothbrush is that, you can take snapshots of your teeth with the camera and then compare the pictures to see if you are making improvements in your brushing over-time.

Currently, the ONVI Prophix App is not compatible with Android phones; its only compatible with Apple iPhones (iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, and iPhone 5). Although, the Android app is still in development stage and should be release sometime soon.

Wait a minute; what’s the cost? Only $400!

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