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The Fake Apple store in China is thriving on Apple products – Fake Apple Store

Fake Apple Store: Why buying an iPhone in China might leave you with a Fake Product.

Fake apple iphone-6
Fake apple iphone-6



China is at it again! To be able to own several shops in lookalike of Apple’s store and its products. This is a major concern for the tech giants (Apple Inc.), and whiles the Chinese consumers are unknowingly embracing the fake Apple products; Apple is no doubt losing revenue to this fake dealers.

The southern part of China seems to be a place where the fake Apple stores are based with more than 20 other shops of its kind. This is more than the original number of shops Apple Inc. has in China.

The rapid increase of the fake Apple products is undermining the popularity of Apple brands in China. Apple Inc. has claimed the shops are not allocated by them!!! With a true resemblance of the exact logo, working staff with same appearance and also well designed as resemblance of Apple store.

According to sources; this unauthorized Apple store sells all Apple products. The stores, has been able to gain attention of a large numbers of customers aiming for all kinds of Apples brands.

The unauthorized Apple dealers in China are doing more than the authentic Apple store itself. They are giving the real Apple store a true run and a big competition.

What is the way forward? Inasmuch as the Chinese government does not ban the culprit’s of the fake Apple store; the unidentified dealers will keep running their business as usual.

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