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Apple iPhone SE Review

Apple iPhone SE Review; Why it might be the Best Cheap Smartphone.




Apple iPhone SE was just released recently as a move that no one really expected from Apple, but while its launch is interesting, the reality is that the device on its own manages to deliver quite a lot of value to say the least. But is this worth the asking price of $399? Let’s find that out.

Design and size:

The iPhone SE has 4inch screen, which is way less than what the other models are currently offering. The idea of having a smaller phone is actually a very good idea considering the fact that most companies are currently battling to deliver larger screens. Instead, the SE delivers a more practical approach towards the entire experience and one that does deliver an immense value to begin with.

When it comes to the design or the way the buttons are placed, it’s pretty much the same and the materials used for the Apple iPhone SE are also the same when compared to the larger 6S and 6S Plus.

The flat edges make it comfortable and the small size is also very good. Also, they did add in a Touch ID but the first generation version, not the fast 2nd generation one, but that is understandable considering the price.

Processor and performance:
Apple iPhone SE Review

The processor is an A9 similar to the one you can find in the premium models and you can run everything you want, from games to apps without a problem. The RAM might not be that much but it’s enough for the day to day user. I didn’t really encounter any issues or performance drops while using it and other than the size it has, the SE can easily rival all the other devices in its class, that’s how good and powerful it really is.

Apple iPhone SE Review

The Apple iPhone SE’s camera has 12 MP and it supports 4k video recording as well. I liked the idea that they integrated live photos here as well and while you don’t have the 3D touch here, it’s still a very good experience. The image quality is very clear; images are sharp and you do get a good deal for your money. The camera performance is amazing in its own right and at this price you just can’t ask for more.

Battery life:
Apple iPhone SE Review

I have to note that the battery is exactly what you can encounter in the iPhone 6S so you get the exact lifetime for it when compared to that model. It’s not bad considering that the device is smaller and with around 1-2 days of average use, it’s delivering a good mix of power for the medium to advanced users. It can last up to 5-6 days if you leave it in standby.


The iPhone 5C was a nice phone, but the new iPhone SE is a great upgrade for those that want a low cost version of Apple’s iPhone. It’s a great investment because the performance is very good and the only thing that’s smaller is the size and dimension. The performance is amazing, image quality is stellar and the camera is very good. At $400 this is definitely a must buy if you want a quality phone with a great OS and lots of apps to go with it. The downside for some might be that the base model at that price has only 16 GB of storage which can fill up very fast. Other than that; the Apple iPhone SE is a solid phone and definitely suitable for those that want a smaller smartphone without having to lose performance!

Apple iPhone SE Unlocked Phone – 64 GB Retail Packaging – Rose Gold

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