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Alternative Sources of Energy

Alternative Sources of Energy; Why Green Energy? 




The world is revolutionizing and working its way towards green energy, and alternative sources of energy is the key to tackling climate change.


This sometimes raises a question; what is green energy?

Green energy is a form of electricity that originates from a process or manner that is less harmful to the environment. Green energy includes natural energetic processes that can be harnessed with little pollution. Green power is electricity generated from renewable energy sources. Unlike the electricity produced by the fossil fuels, that damages the environment quite a lot.

Whilst all the fossil fuels are being used up at a huge level along with omitting unwanted side effects in the atmosphere. Green energy is not only renewable but also efficient as compared to the energy created by fossil fuels.  It actually produces a lot less of a pollution impact on our environment; obtaining the green energy sources and using the energy source.

Why green energy?

There are a lot of reasons we need to convert to green energy. First we need to stop rapping our lands by the digging of coal. The crucial techniques that we use are just horrendous and not just that, the burning of coal not only pollutes the air we breathe but also the earth’s environment over all.

Second, we seriously need to stop spilling oil in our oceans and sea’s because marine life is being affected harshly due to our carelessness. Furthermore, the petrol that burns in our vehicles gives in a lot more to pollute our air quality.

Types of green energy:

There are several categories of green energy sources; anaerobic digestion, biomass power, geothermal power, solar power, hydro power on a small scale, wind power and wave power.  As we all know about the nuclear power fraught with controversies, still nuclear power can produce green energy that doesn’t pollute the environment and is renewable but the waste that is released does pollute the biosphere.

Comparatively other sources of energy are used and relied upon more, such as solar energy, harnessed by humans for several years. It uses the hat from the sun and the radiant light to generate energy. This sort of energy is widely used today; and the interesting part of it is that, it’s getting popular in countries were there is little or no access to electricity.


Hydro-power electricity is widely known and a very good alternative sources of energy, it is formed by the gravitational falling of water over the turbines to produce the green energy.

We need to work towards producing renewable energy in order to keep our environment clean, with as little as possible pollution emitted. In theory, every form of energy produces pollution but comparatively green energy’s produce a minimal amount of pollution.


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